BidX Pro is a full-featured Bidding program. It features an unparalleled graphical representation of the monthly bid-lines, numerous filters and sorts, ability to view bid awards and an open-time utility. The program has been in development since May 2006 and has evolved into a tool that no FedEx pilot should be without. BidX Pro is a has superceded BidX in development. On the surface they are very similar, but under the hood there are vast improvements in BidX Pro. Your BidX Serial # will work with BidX Pro and will not require an additional purchase.


BidX Mobile

BidX mobile is an evolving, full featured iOS app for FedEx pilots to manage their calendar, access the website, bid for monthly schedules, and more!

BidX Mobile uses the same color coding and trip display scheme found in BidX Pro, making the transition easy and intuitive.


FX Cal

FxCal is the complete Open Time solution for you iPhone and iPad.

The iPad version now has next generation Bidding software.

The bidding software is currently free and has advanced features like BlockOver8, Expected Credit Hours, intuitive & complete deadhead display, grading, commuting, and 100n30.

The basic program has easy PFC login, offline calendar and trip recap storage.

Start improving your schedule and paycheck.





FxBidLite is the bidding only portion of FxCal.

FxBidLite does not have a login helper, calendar, or open time and has so far remained off the dreaded blacklist.

Currently free! 


Crew Show 

Crew Show is the best clock and alarm for airline pilots.

Crew Show acts like a dynamic dispo sheet, thinking like you do, for every show to work.



FDXPilotXpress Textcaster


Get text message updates on your mobile phone (SMS) and/or to your Email from your FDX MEC of the Air Line Pilots Association. Simply complete the easy 2-step Opt-In sign-up process below to start receiving updates and reminders.


When you Opt-In to our TextCaster service, you agree to receive occasional MEC Alerts in addition to any other categories you select. Select your Local Council to indicate your domicile, and then choose any of the following message categories you wish to receive:

  • Disputed Pairings: Monthly domicile & aircraft specific Disputed Pairing list
  • Ops Alerts: MEC special operational alerts
  • Safety/Security Alerts: MEC special safety and security alerts
  • Pilot to Pilot: Messages for Pilot to Pilot volunteers. 
  • Monthly Bid/Scheduling: Reminders for Monthly bid events to include open and closing dates/times for monthly bid, conflict/input, view/add, secondary lines, open time release, and expense reports due. 
  • Special Bids: Reminders for dates and times for SIBA, Vacation, Vacancy, Excess, and other special company bids.



MagicWebFX is a scripting program that saves you time and energy by automatically doing routine tasks on the FedEx pilot's website.  It uses Microsoft Internet Explorer, just like you would, but without all those repetitive keystrokes and mouse-clicks.  Look at some of the things it can do to make your life easier:




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