From the Scheduling Committee: SLG and the Snapshot - 6/6/19
From the Scheduling Committee: SLG and the Snapshot - 6/6/19


June 6, 2019
Secondary Line Generator (SLG) and the “Snapshot”
Over the past few months the Scheduling Committee has received a number of emails with regard to the Secondary Line Generator. This article attempts to provide more clarity on the Company’s use of the “Snapshot.”
Every month if you are bidding a secondary line, your success may depend on understanding how the Company handles the “Snapshot” taken by the Futures department and its consequences.
The snapshot takes a picture of two items: a picture of your calendar and what is available in open time. The Secondary Line Generator (SLG) is a separate program from VIPS. Your calendar and open time trips (and R-day blocks) must be loaded into the SLG. 
The snapshot is usually taken a full 24 hours before the Secondary Working Window begins. It is possible to pick up a trip after the snapshot is taken that will impact your schedule in the following month. If you were not aware of how the Company handles the snapshot, this can negatively impact your schedule.
The process of porting all the secondary pilots’ calendars and open time into the SLG takes time. Futures has stated they need to begin the process a full 24 hours before the SWW opens.
If you pick up a trip after the snapshot is taken, your secondary line is built without taking that trip into account and a conflict may occur once the secondary lines are actually built. There can be a direct conflict or a minimum-days off issue. After the secondary lines are built, the conflicts are processed and you may lose trips from your secondary line. Those hours will be placed into your General Make Up (GMU) bank.
If you have any questions on how the Company handles the snapshot and how this may impact your secondary line, submit your question via Insite to the Futures department. Please send us a copy of your Insite by filling out a PDR