Council 22 Message - 4/10/17
Council 22 Message - 4/10/17


Members of Council 22,       

April showers may bring May flowers, but they also bring long days and nights, sometimes to FAR limits. As spring approaches, please plan for these eventualities, rest when you can and stay informed. Consider using the wake up program if you are turning through the Memphis hub. For you international flyers departing from MEM, consider using the “MEM International Alert Request” program found in VIPS under “trips and services.”

Your LEC reps are coming up on speed.  We have been welcomed by the other reps and Officers and are engaged on your behalf.  There have been several issues we have discussed and ensured your interests have been represented.

During our spool-up last month, we learned about the value of the ALPA PAC. The ALPA PAC is funded solely by individual membership contributions. These contributions are used to support candidates that support our issues. We learned that 52% of these campaign contributions went to GOP candidates and 48% went to Democratic candidates. All of these candidates supported our issues. The funds are governed by the ALPA-PAC Steering Committee. Seats on the Steering Committee are apportioned by MEC based on total receipts over the previous two-year Congressional cycle. The more FDX pilots contribute, the more representatives we will have on that board. As part of his official duties as ALPA’s First Vice President, Captain Joe DePete serves on the PAC Board as the Treasurer. We are glad to have one of our own in such a high position, but we still need a FedEx line pilot seated on the board, and the only way to get that is through participation. Please consider contributing to this program at any level to help increase our voice on that board. Support the legislatures and candidates that support our goals. If you would like to contribute, please contact Zack Mooneyham at (202)797-4033 or or go to and follow the links under the advocacy tab on the upper right to contribute.

Our Program spotlight this month is the HIMS program. This highly successful program has provided treatment for pilots from all walks of life, and has saved lives and careers. Mark Grassie and Eric Lampela are available 24/7 to answer any question about any addiction issues and are willing to help members, their family and friends with any addiction issues.

Finally, we would like to reiterate that Jumpseating is a privilege. Please introduce yourself to the Captain and ask for permission. Also, please ensure you are calling Jumpseats early enough in Memphis to meet your jumpseaters at the bus stop. We are seeing a lot of new faces jumpseating on our aircraft and we want to make it as pleasant a process as possible for them as they do for us.

DJ Shaw
LEC 22 Chairman
Block 2 Rep
Brian Hoffman
LEC 22 Vice Chairman
Block 5 Rep
Ian Thompson
LEC 22 Secretary/Treasurer
Block 7 Rep
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