Secretary Treasurer's Message - 8/22/17
Secretary Treasurer's Message - 8/22/17


Wet-Lease Penalty Payment

Your MEC recently approved a per capita distribution plan for wet-lease penalties incurred by the company during the December 2016 bid period.

Wet-Leasing Activity

Distribution Amount

Pay Date

November 28, 2016-January 1, 2017


August 31, 2017

In order to be eligible for each penalty payment, you must have been an active pilot during any portion of the dates listed above.

An active pilot will be defined as a pilot who was employed by the company during any portion of a relevant time period as described above. Pilots on military leave during all or part of a relevant time period (as described above) will be considered on active status for that relevant period. Pilots on a leave of absence other than military leave status for an entire relevant period will be considered on inactive for that period. Pilots on disciplinary suspension for an entire time period shall be considered on inactive status for that period.    

Payments will be listed as a recruiting bonus on your paystubs and the amounts shown above are gross pay before any deductions.

First Officer Rich Zins
FedEx MEC Secretary Treasurer

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