Council 100 Message - 4/6/18
Council 100 Message - 4/6/18


April 6, 2018
Members of Council 100,
We had a great local council meeting on Sunday, March 25th with many attendees to see the proposed new variable benefit retirement program brief by NC member Jim Plover. Posting 18-01 is bringing in some new Captains and FOs to LAX—we’ll even have a two-year pilot joining the base this summer. Let’s hope the movement continues.  
Our current LEC Vice-Chairman Scott Seyfarth will be resigning his position in the next few months as he transitions to the 777. I would expect nominations for this position to be held at the next local council meeting most likely in June or July.  
The fourteen members of the MEC will be electing a new MEC Chairman and Secretary Treasurer at the regularly scheduled MEC meeting beginning 16Apr. This will be an interim term that will start on June 4, 2018 and end on March 31, 2019. Current candidates are:  
Chairman: Captains John Cardaci, Jim Mumby, Wes Reed and Russ Sklenka
Secretary-Treasurer: Captain Don Ray  
I would encourage any of you to call me with your input on the nominees to these very important positions.  
With the new Secondary Line process in full effect in LAX, I thought it was worth it to take a deeper look at some sections and review Deviation Banks. The new changes primarily affect pilots bidding a Secondary Line or having a conflict. FCIF 18-0125/9Mar provided an overview of the changes. Below is some amplifying information.  
Reserve blocks in the new bid period in conflict with phase-in or training will be dropped as a whole from the reserve line and later made available during the Monthly Make-up and Secondary Line Processes (25.F.6/25.C.12.f). Other than vacation, minimum days off protection and leaves of absence, a phase-in conflict will drop an entire block of reserve days it touches. These blocks of reserve days will be available during the View/Add and SWW but will not be available in open time during the normal bid month.
For example: Pilot has one day of carryover reserve into future month that touches a 15-day block of reserve days. The entire block will drop. Note that unlike trips conflicted by phase-in, R day blocks will not currently display in open time until after the Conflict Processing Window has closed.
Vacation conflicts with reserve days will be treated as a one for one drop (7.G.3.b./d).
For example, pilot has seven days of vacation right in middle of 15-day block of reserve days – only the days touched by the vacation and buffers will drop. The pilot will only be charged for the amount of days he takes. The remainder of the reserve day block will remain on the pilot’s line and subject to reconstruction.  
Minimum Days off Protection or Military Leaves of Absence in a month with reserve days will drop reserve days one by one.  (25.F.7)
For example, a pilot protects minimum days off and due to vacation/training or other conflicts, his reserve line does not meet minimum days off protection, reserve days will be dropped one by one until minimum days off protection is met.  
Inputs are done via the Secondary Line Generator Crew Interface. Although two “practice bids” were run for the March bid month, current plans are to run only one practice bid most likely on the Friday before the SWW closes.  
Vacation holders with a Secondary Line will have ability to request to use more or less CH during the View/Add window (This is a request only and subject to staffing requirements (25.E.5).  During the first 48 hours of the SWW a pilot can slide their vacation again and also request to reduce the footprint of their vacation.  
Q. What is the difference between baseline and established fares?
The baseline fare is created when the bid pack is finalized. The established fare is created after the FO bids are awarded but no later than 14 days prior to the commercial deadhead. Thus, the established fare is closer in time to the actual ticketed fare and should reflect a more accurate product. For x-pairings (non bid pack trips), the established fare is created when the pairing is built.
Q. If I deviate do I get the baseline or established fare?
If you deviate prior to the bid month beginning you get the higher of the baseline or established fare. If you deviate after the bid month has begun you get the established fare. If the established fare is higher or equal to the baseline fare there is no real advantage to deviating prior to the bid month beginning.
For example: you have a carryover trip next month with a backend deadhead that has a higher baseline fare than the established fare and you wish to deviate to get that baseline fare. You must deviate prior to the bid month beginning – that would be over 4 weeks prior to the deadhead leg in question.  
Q. If the Company purchased a business class ticket for me, can I still deviate and book a first class ticket?
Yes, if your deviation flight meets the standard parameters for first class found in 8.A.5.b. (e.g. over 2.5 block hours international, duty day, etc.) you can always deviate and book a first class ticket.
For example: You are scheduled business class on DXB-LAX leg with a $5000 bank.  You have lots of excess bank this month and choose to deviate and book a $12,000 first class ticket.  
Q. Can the Company still book me on an international deadhead flight that qualifies for business in an angle-flat seat?
Yes. Several carriers still have angle flat in their business section– JAL and Air France are two that come to mind.
For example: Company books you in KIX-LAX on a JAL angle flat business or on a LAX-CDG Air France angle flat business. Although both of these legs are over 10 hours block, criteria in 8.A.5.c.iii allows booking in business class regardless of seat type if there is no discounted First Class.  
Q. Can the Company book me in a coach seat with a request to upgrade on a greater than 16 hour duty?
No.  8.A.5.c.v.  allows the Company to book coach with a request to upgrade if business or first is not available ONLY on flights with less than 16 hours duty or the deadhead flight is for the purposes of Operational Recovery.
For example: Company is not allowed to book SIN-LAX on a carrier in coach with a request to upgrade.  
As a reminder, if you have difficulty with any of the above criteria, be sure to complete an INSITE report. If it is a timely manner, you may also want to contact ALPA Contract Enforcement at or 901-752-8749.