Council 7 Message - 7/3/18
Council 7 Message - 7/3/18


July 3, 2018
Local Council 7 Membership,
We are writing you to advise you of several upcoming events:
Upcoming Elections for Local Council 7
Don Ray has elected to become the MEC Secretary/Treasurer. He took office on June 4. At the August 14 Local Council Meeting, we will have two elections, one for an Interim Representative for Block 1, vacated by Don Ray, and the second to count ballot nominations for Block Representatives to represent Blocks 1, 4, and 8 for Local Council 7 beginning on March 1, 2019. There will be another communication coming out later discussing this process, but please place August 14 on your calendar to attend this meeting. Also, place a reminder on your phone when bidding in July for August.
Single Pilot Research for Cargo
By now you have read that the House of Representatives has passed the FAA Reauthorization Bill (HR 4) that contains a Section entitled 744, “Single Pilot Research for Cargo.” Needless to say, your MEC wasn’t pleased with this inclusion which came from the Science, Space and Technology Committee of the House without discussion or debate per House Rules. The MEC crafted a resolution denouncing this action and urged ALPA International to muster resources to defeat this section. Tim Canoll, ALPA President, created a committee to address this issue by appointing Elizabeth Baker from ALPA International and our own FDX Legislative Affairs Chairman Bill Secord to lead this effort. In addition, ALPA International has made an initial allocation of one million dollars to support the removal of  Section 744.  
This is an attack on our profession that cannot stand! This affects the safety and security of air traffic in our National Airspace system and abroad. The Company has stated openly that they are interested in Remotely Piloted Vehicles, click, click (4:57 mark)  to review.
You can fight this threat to your safety and careers by participating in ALPA's Call to Action regarding this issue, and by asking your friends and family to participate, too. We urge you to stay involved on this topic which ultimately could affect our Scope provisions found in our CBA.  
Variable Benefit Retirement Plan
We wish to thank you for your many questions on this very important issue. Several weeks ago, the Pilot Modeler was introduced allowing you to input your data to determine how the VB would affect you. This culminates a majority of the educational material we have sent the membership. Currently, we are conducting another telephonic survey to gauge our efforts moving forward. We thank you for your participation!
Don Ray
Block 1 Representative
Council 7 Chairman
Dave Arrington
Block 4 Representative
Council 7 Vice Chairman
Don Loepke
Block 8 Representative
Council 7 Secretary Treasurer