Aviation Safety Culture Survey - 7/1/19


July 1, 2019
Aviation Safety Culture Survey Message
You may have noticed the recent announcement on PFC that a Safety Culture Survey (SCS) is scheduled to occur in July. This year’s SCS is your opportunity to give your frank assessment of safety in our operation. You will be able to express your viewpoints on ANY subject you believe impacts the safety of our operations. 
While there are often contentious issues and concerns between labor and management, there is a focused effort to prevent any safety issues from being industrialized. That is to say, safety is not for sale nor to be bargained. While that line is sometimes hard to define in that so many things touch safety, the leadership at FDX ALPA is committed to keeping safety and industrial issues separate. It is in that light we are writing to ask you to participate in the SCS. If you know something can be done more safely, take the opportunity to weigh in and help yourself and your fellow pilots.
This SCS is meant to supply the Company with a perspective on safety they cannot get without you—the frontline employee. So while you will not see the individual results of the survey directly, our FDX ALPA Central Air Safety Committee chairman and vice chairman will, and they will be involved with the “Safety Stack” (VP level group) and the Director’s Action Group (MD level group) to set policy and implement changes based on the aggregate results and individual comments on the survey. 
While much of the survey will be multiple choice, there will be two free text questions. We are going to share them here so you can think of what you want to relay now and be thorough and thoughtful in your contributions. The free-text questions will be this: “What does FedEx do well in managing safety risk, something you consider a best practice?” And, “Is there a part or parts of your job you consider potentially hazardous?”
Your FDX ALPA MEC supports the objectives of this survey. In conversations with the MEC, Vice President of Safety Bobbi Wells has committed to using the results to implement positive change. We urge you to take a few minutes to participate. We know you see and experience situations that have the potential to end badly. Tell the Company what is being done right to prevent bad outcomes in order to ensure continuation. More importantly, take the time to point out the accident waiting to happen. The life you save may be your own.
In unity,

Pete Harmon, MEC Chairman


David Chase, MEC Vice Chairman


Don Loepke, MEC Secretary Treasurer


Wes Reed, ALPA EVP (FDX)


Chris Norman, Block 1


Clark Kluwe, Block 2


Tony Cutler, Block 3


Anita Shew, Block 4


Brian Hoffman, Block 5


Eric Armstrong, Block 6


Ian Thompson, Block 7


Nick Bolander, Block 8


Bob Cecchi, Block 9 (ANC)


DJ Shaw, Block 10 (HKG)


Rich Odbert, Block 11 (Instr.)


David Wojtkowski, Block 12 (LAX)


Jay Owen, Block 13 (CGN)


Andy Anderson, Block 14 (IND)


Rich Hughey, Central Air Safety Chairman

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