Chairman's Message - 10/28/17
Chairman's Message - 10/28/17


Clarification of Previous Message Concerning R&I Committee

It has come to my attention that some have misunderstood elements of my original Chairman’s Message regarding the resignation of the R&I Chairman. I informed you of the MEC majority’s decision to prohibit a former MEC representative from joining the R&I Committee at the present time. The FDX MEC Policy Manual provides the guidance for resolving issues such as this. In our policy manual, a committee chairman is allowed to appoint individuals to their respective committee. The policy manual further provides for the MEC Chairman to override that decision as the MEC Chairman sees fit. The policy manual further provides for the MEC to make a final determination in the event of a disagreement. In this case, I chose to deny committee appointment to the individual, in consideration of the stated concerns of a large number of your elected representatives. Knowing that this selection was going to be controversial, I felt it entirely appropriate to place the decision in the hands of your elected representatives. As you can now tell by the fallout from this decision, it was no doubt a controversial situation demanding the consideration of the entire MEC. This was a matter of governance, decided by the entire MEC. In every decision, there is a majority outcome—this decision is no different. If you have questions about your representative's decision regarding this situation, please reach out to your particular block representative. I am confident that they will provide you with their particular reason for either supporting or opposing the decision to deny committee membership in this case.

FDX MEC Policy Manual
Section VIII A 1 a. The MEC Chairman, subject to approval by a majority vote of the MEC, shall establish, disband and consolidate committees. He shall appoint committee chairmen (with the exception of the Negotiating Committee Chairman) with the majority approval of the MEC. He may remove any chairman or member of any committee (with the exception of the Negotiating Committee) or as provided for in the ALPA Constitution and ByLaws.

Section VIII A 1 e. Unless otherwise stated in this Section, the committee chairman will choose the members who work on their individual committees. Committee chairmen will immediately notify the MEC Vice Chairman of any committee member additions or deletions.

Section VIII A 1 g. Unless otherwise stated in this Section, committee chairmen and committee members will serve at the discretion of the MEC

Section VIII A 1 f. Each committee shall consist of a chairman selected under Section VIII.A.1. A vice chairman and additional members, as required, will be appointed by the committee chairman and approved by the MEC Chairman.

Section VIII A 3 d. If an issue arises with an individual committee member, the Committee Chairman and the three officers will determine the best course of action. If consensus is not reached between the Committee Chairman and the MEC Chairman, the matter will be brought before the MEC for a decision.



Captain Chuck Dyer
FedEx MEC Chairman

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