Positive Rate Weekly - 3/14/18
Positive Rate Weekly - 3/14/18


O ur crew force continues to step up in a big way. Scott Seidel asked me to share the following message with you.
From Scott:
Once again this pilot group was asked to step up and help one of its own during a difficult time, the only difference is this time it was to help my family. Because of your support and sacrificing time with your own family, I was able to be with my wife during the final days of her battle with cancer and spend time with my two girls while we try and figure out our new normal. Thank you.
I’d like to join Scott in thanking each of you who made it possible for Scott to be with his family during this difficult time. Please continue to keep Scott and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Fly safe, John
An opening for a newly created Foreign Domicile Committee Chairman position is now available. Our FDAs have unique issues that require collaboration/interaction with the company to resolve. Anyone interested in applying, please contact MEC Secretary Treasurer Captain Rich Zins at Rich.Zins@alpa.org.Past FDA experience is desired, but not required.
F or those of you that are interested in obtaining your total 2017 dues paid, here are your options:
  1. Go to ALPA.org, log in and click on the “my account” link on the home page. Select the account tab to view your 2017 payments. 
  2. If you were on an arrangement plan (payment plan) and/or on dues check off (have dues automatically pulled from your check) you can view your total dues paid on your end of December pay stub. The arrangement plan total will be an entry labeled “ARP” and your DCO total will be labeled “ALPA Dues."
  3. If you made a cash payment to ALPA to pay off a reconciliation balance, you can get your total 2017 dues paid from ALPA.org as described above or call 1-888-Fly-ALPA, option 3 and ALPA National Membership will provide you a statement of your total 2017 dues paid.
Air Facts
Below you will find details regarding Council 100's upcoming meeting. All ALPA members are invited to attend.
FDX Council 100 Meeting Notice
Date: Sunday, March 25, 2018
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Place: Aloft Hotel (475 North Sepulveda Blvd., El Segundo, CA 90245)
Agenda: Guests will include MEC Chairman Chuck Dyer, MEC Vice Chairman John Cardaci, and Negotiating Chairman Pat May to discuss retirement and the contract and answer your questions. 
On Tuesday 6 March, four Members of the ALPA Membership Committee had the pleasure of meeting and greeting our latest class of new hires. We had 26 new hires in this class; 20 were assigned MEM 757 and six were assigned MEM A300.
Pilots came from Delta, United, Southwest, Jet Blue, ATLAS, Air Wisconsin, Republic, Endeavor, PSA and Corporate Air. Several came from the  USAF,  and YES, 1 Marine. Semper Fi Brother.
The new caboose and most famous pilot is Kevin Maceri, seniority number is 4819.
Please join me in welcoming our newest FedEx pilots. 
Captain Vic Tansey
FDX Membership Chairman
Kevin Gritten, Chris Hawn, George Meyer, Toby Cline, JD Waddell, Kevin Dormer, Scott Ditto, Seth Rann,
Paul Cory, Tony Stolarczyk, Evan Gallegos, Jason Erklouts, Clint Eichelberger, Lucas Walker, Stephen Andrews, Eric Waquespack, Jon Goodwin, Travis Wells, Mark Anderson, Jason Brackin, Josh DeLee, Chris Johnson, Jason Hilbert, Nik Schumacher, Dustin Newell and Kevin Maceri ** 
L ast month, members of your ALPA Training and Safety committees met with their counterparts from other ALPA carriers in Herndon.  Topics included dangerous goods, fatigue, cabin and cockpit environmental, drones, unstable approaches and the future of data and how we can use it to further safety.
We were pleased to find that FedEx is leading the industry in both the percentage of flights that are stable and the percentage of unstable flights that execute a go-around.  That being said, there are still too many crews that land after an unstable approach.  The problem is, many times, the fact you are unstable could be an indication that you missed something big.  Maybe you didn’t clean up the approach or the automation is in the wrong mode.  An unstable event should be especially troubling when you are flying a non-precision approach.  We have many examples where if a crew would’ve just honored the unstable criteria and gone around, there wouldn’t have been an accident.  In many of those cases, the crews didn’t understand why they were high, fast, slow or low.
Along with that, in December, FDX Safety started the Right Way Campaign.  You can view the archives here: https://pilot.fedex.com/m/departments/safety/right-way-campaign/. December’s topic was Unstable Approaches. Below are some of the bullets from that month.  
  • Flying a stable approach significantly increases the probability that the flight will touch down within the first 3000' or first third of the runway whichever is shorter. 
  • FedEx Express Go-Around Rate from Unstable Approaches is now 3 times better than it was in the winter of 2014 
  • You are not stable when airspeed exceeds 10 knots above Vapp/target
  • FedEx Unstable approach rate is now 1/3 of what it was in the winter of 2014
  • To be STABLE you must be in final landing configuration and have completed all briefings and checklists
  • If your pilot monitoring calls "fifteen knots fast" or “a dot low” or "below glideslope" and you are below 1000' IMC, you are flying an unstable approach 
  • On average, only 8% of crews that become unstable during approach actually go-around. Even though it is a low percentage, it is significantly higher than the average of all domestic commercial airlines
  • Post peak let-down contributes to January through March being FedEx's worst months for unstable approaches 
  • Highest cause of unstable approaches is speed high 
  • What is the airport most likely to have an unstable approach? ABQ 
  • Pre-brief/review the first few steps of your GA procedure prior to intercepting final to enhance GA situational awareness
  • Every Unstable Approach triggered in FOQA is reviewed by an ALPA gatekeeper who is rated in that aircraft for validity and adherence to FOM policy. Momentary deviations, which are corrected by the flight crew, are marked as invalid and not counted as unstable.
Fly Safely.
T he FDX MEC and R&I Committee would like to congratulate the following ALPA members who retired in December and thank them for their years of participation in the Association.
Captain Mike Redfield, First Officer Mark Rogers, First Officer Tom Montgomery, Captain Douglas Higgins, Captain Ken Sutton, Captain Michael Swanton, First Officer Pete Lemaire, Captain Ernest Norsworthy, Captain Evelyn Kennedy, Captain Edward Wall, Captain Greg Jones, Captain Roy Gordon III, Captain Wayne Lane, Captain Wick Wilkinson, Captain Penny Crotty, Captain Dennis Miller, Captain Gary Zambito, Captain Larry Jessen, Captain Stan Waldruff, Captain Dave Baron, Captain Dick Laird, Captain Jim Cobb, Captain Duane Hoaglan, Captain Dan Wahle, Captain Bill Endres, Captain Natalie Lademan, Captain Dave Urbanowski, Captain Billy Ridgway, Captain Bob Sherlock, Captain Joey Sanders, Captain Terry Peters, Captain George Elmiger, Captain Dave Douglass, Captain W.L. Churchill, Captain Ted Deangeli, Captain Kary Christopherson, Captain Mike Henderson, Captain Jane Dyer, Captain Matt Littrell, Captain James Brendel, Captain John Formento, Captain John Melius, Captain Charles Ensley, Captain Arlin Fratzke, Captain Renita Herrmann, Captain John Schmidt, Captain Gregory Greer, Captain Brad Peters, Captain Gary Roeder, Captain Michael Hemmelman, Captain Douglas Patton, Captain Kent French, Captain Steven Hein, Captain Thomas Webb, Captain Christopher Hart, Captain Van Hill, Captain Tamar Bailey, Captain Walter Peterson, Captain Scott Jensen, Captain Steve Speight, First Officer Kent Bayer, Captain Andre Harris, Captain Henry Rogers, Captain David Blizzard, Captain Mike Newquist, First Officer Kris Dejeet, Captain Terry McGuire, Captain Mark Foley, Captain Mike Jamison, Captain Norman O'Melia, Captain Tim Sparks, Captain Robert McKee, First Officer Barbara Hothem, Captain Thomas Donahoe, Captain Michael Frey, Captain John Cobb, First Officer Alexander Forbes, First Officer Nancy Ebert, First Officer Mark Smith, Captain John DeGraaf, Captain David Root, First Officer Gerald Smith, Captain Scott Evans, Captain Michael Redley, First Officer Robert Sears, Captain Tony Grady Jr., First Officer Gary Burg, Captain Michael Morgan, Captain Joe Bryant, Captain Gerald Scrivens, First Officer Marty Crotty, Captain Jack Barton, First Officer George Davis III, First Officer Steve Brown and Captain Michael Martin
Total retirements from January to December, were 184, of whom, 173 were ALPA members.  
D uring the 2nd quarterly MEC meeting (April 16-20, 2018), an election will be held to fill the positions of MEC Chairman and MEC Secretary Treasurer for an interim term to begin on June 4, 2018 and end on March 31, 2019. Current MEC Chairman Captain Chuck Dyer will retire this year and current MEC Secretary Treasurer Captain Rich Zins has elected to return to the line.
If you are interested in running for one of these positions, please submit a résumé and/or position letter to MEC Secretary Treasurer Captain Rich Zins at Rich.Zins@alpa.org.  
D o you have settings notifications that won’t go away after updating the iOS on your device?
These Settings notifications usually follow an iOS update. They require launching settings and accepting or declining the new feature or setting. This will clear the red notification on the settings app. The most common notifications are for setting up touch ID, backups, new feature recommendations, or finishing setup of the device following a reset or an update. Some options may appear mandatory, but they always have a “Set up later” option in small print which will dismiss the notification.
It is our goal in Flight Ops iPad Support, to continue to provide you with helpful information. Please feel free to let us know what you think by writing to iPad Support at FDCMS@fedex.com.
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