We’ve had some tough news lately on some pretty big issues, so it is with great pleasure that I announce we finally have attained unlimited travel status, as jumpseaters, on American Airlines.  This has been a matter of frustration and contention for over six years as most all other carriers have come into the unlimited travel decade. Working in complete cooperation with the Allied Pilots Association, FedEx pilots can now enjoy this privilege starting today. It is equally important that we retained international cabin jumpseat privileges, as we are still one of only four carriers that have that option

It cannot be stressed enough that there will surely be a learning curve for the gate agents—especially in stations such as MEM and DAL. It is imperative that any issues that may come up be dealt with the utmost professionalism and discretion. If an agent tries to assume you are still in their “limited” jumpseat list or deny you access to the captain as a result of the old limitation—PLEASE be discreet and simply and subtly ask that they please look at the list again to confirm, as there should have been a recent change. I think most agents will be happy that they no longer have to deny you based on limited status, and will be relieved they can now clear you to speak to the captain and request a ride.

We MUST let this process roll out discreetly, as possible, as there are still other airlines that are held in a limited status.  

Once clear of the gate agent and out of customer view, please pass on your appreciation to the Captain, and thank them for the APAs role in achieving this. The APA jumpseat chairman, Captain Tim Knutson has this to say to the FedEx pilots, “I can’t thank you enough for your professionalism in waiting while we worked on this. I am embarrassed that it took so long, but proud to announce FedEx pilots are now in unlimited jumpseat status. Please be as discreet as possible if an issue arises, and welcome aboard.”

This is a perfect example of how the jumpseat encourages and strengthens pilot unity, across association and across all carriers. The jumpseat, is a safety and security enhancement that makes our entire airline network more dependable and secure. Thanks for your patience as ALPA, FedEx management and the APA worked together, over many years to accomplish this.


Rich Odbert
FDX Jumpseat Chairman