• For a tutorial on how to post a trip, see the video at the bottom of this page.


Welcome to the FedEx Pilots' Trip and Vacation Swap Advertising page.
This page is being placed here as a service to you by FedEx ALPA.

Below is a tutorial video on how to use this page.  When you post, your trip will not be IMMEDIATELY visible, but should be approved and visible within a few hours.  There are several 'moderators' who will work to approve your ad ASAP.

Please keep the following in mind when you are posting a trip:
1. NO PDO's please. (Unless you NEED it for a family member having surgery or something along those lines.) Otherwise, almost every trip is by default 'AVAILABLE' to be PDO bumped. If someone wants to do that, they will seek it out. We simply can't manage all those posts!
2. Please "EXPIRE" your post on a reasonable date.  When posting a trip that goes out 5 days from now, there's no reason to leave the default expiration date of 45 days out.
3. Please list the pairing number and date. Just putting your employee number and "Check my schedule" puts the onus on the other guy. If you want to get rid of your trip, it's essential that you make the information as easily available to the other pilot as you possibly can!







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