Cologne Demonstrations

There are reports of planned demonstrations in and around the area of the Maritim hotel (UPS layover hotel) in Cologne for this weekend. This area is approximately 3 miles away from the Dorint layover hotel.

The demonstrations may be political in nature, attended by extreme right wing and left wing groups. This is an evolving situation that the union and company are monitoring very closely.

As the weather warms, political demonstrations of this nature will increase throughout Great Britain, Europe and other areas. Everywhere we travel, we are a potential target.

Common security tips:

  • Situational Awareness
    • Stay informed. Internet, FCIF's, other crews, hotel desk, ALPA
  • Project strength
    • If you are lost or confused, don't project that by your actions
    • Travel in pairs
    • Know where you are/where you're going
  • Keep your phone charged
  • Avoid hot spots and danger areas demonstrations - planned and unplanned
    • unlit areas but also...
    • crowded, popular areas breed criminal activity
  • Stay sober
  • Develop an operational mindset
    • criminal activity follows a specific cycle that begins with target selection - don't be a target if you can help it