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August 28, 2017

Fellow P2P Reps,

Over the next several weeks, you will be receiving talking points on various topics and issues that are currently on the MEC's radar. I encourage you to use the talking points as a reference when talking with your fellow pilots. If you would like to download a copy of the talking points provided below, please click here.

Thanks for all you do!

Dave Jones

  • Retirement
    • Entering final phase of R&D Effort.
    • Been Focused on Research, Development, Education
    • We don’t have a predetermined outcome.
      • Let data show us the best path forward.
    • Developing plan models
    • MEC (June 2017 Mtg) approved to move forward and increased funding.
    • Goals
      • Get a better understanding of the retirement complexities/direct costs/accounting costs.
      • Look for restructuring ideas that might minimize the accounting costs and make it less of an obstacle.
      • Look for a retirement plan that would provide better security.
      • Look for a solution that we can collectively support.
    • Benefit of looking at this outside of Section 6?
      • Length of time for research and development not interfering with ongoing negotiations.
      • More focused, less distractions.
    • Pilots need to understand we are looking into Defined Benefit solutions, DC will remain the same.
    • Restructuring our DB plan could have immediate desirable consequences for the pilots and the company, so management should be interested in bargaining sooner rather than later.

  • FOM
    • Appendix S
      • Far reaching. Doesn’t belong in FOM
      • Management states intention was to put acceptable conduct in one location.
      • Union sent letter to Management preserving our rights
      • CBA provides our only discipline standard, just cause.
      • Union has asked management to remove Appendix S from FOM
  • Grievance
    • 48 Hour Duty Free Vacation Buffer (Arbitration award in favor of ALPA)
    • 767 Passover
      • Positive movement toward resolution
      • Requires us to hold up 5% remaining payout of signing bonus until grievance is resolved
    • Flat Bed Seat Grievance (Briefs due in September)
    • Sick Grievance
      • Company put out a communication July 6, 2017.
      • Union was not provided advance notice nor opportunity to review.
      • STS been running since 2013
      • Grievance settled July 5, 2016
      • No longer automatic demand for sick note. Have to have a person making a conscious decision taking all known facts into consideration.
      • Pilot will now receive notice that he MAY have to provide one, once he hits threshold (before it was just “give us note”, with the pilot having no knowledge that he had crossed the threshold).
      •  No longer automatic demand for sick note.  Have to have a person making a conscious decision taking all known facts into consideration.
        • The decision to ask for the note has a deadline, (3 business days from when the pilot went sick), before there was no a deadline
      • There are three different avenues to meet the “note” requirement (before there was just one, the traditional note, and that prior to the STS was going to Fleet Management, after the STS to the PAC)
        • Traditional Note (the CAMA will be reviewing the note as the “SCP designee”)
        • Call the CAMA
        • Call Fleet Management
      • If meet sick note requirement, re-score point value to 1.
      • Exclusion list availability
      • No disciplinary hearing can be called for only failure to provide note (only DRP sick, which is not new)
      • The three means to provide a “note” are also now available for sick by vacation and holiday (14.A.6.b.)

  • Dues Reconciliation
    • New CBA changed the timing of the paycheck dues deduction. (CBA 29.B.4)
    • Company error in programming for certain categories of pay
      • Separate check incomes
        • Vacation buy back
        • Vacation cancellation
        • DSA overflow/after tax income
    •  Questions? Contact or call 888-Fly-ALPA, option 3
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