Retirement Rumor Control

Whispered secrets can be so tantalizing. The inside scoop—Intel from a very informed source. Some of us, for example, have been hearing rumors of 737 purchases for decades. These rumors never prove to be true, yet they are always attributed to a very informed source. If they weren't from a very informed source, after all, then the story would not have any entertainment value and wouldn't be worth telling in the first place.

We've been hearing some pretty interesting, and of course, very informed rumors for some time regarding current retirement negotiations. Because those rumors have continued to grow both in terms of their audacity and inaccuracy, it is well past time for us to emphatically readdress the matter:

Unequivocally, there have not been any retirement negotiations. None. As of yet, there is no MEC approval to negotiate and we have not so much as identified—let alone selected—an objective toward which we would negotiate. Anything you hear to the contrary, regardless of the supposedly very informed source, is false.

While we are definitely not sitting on our hands with regard to retirement, the plain, boring truth is this:

Research, education, and polling all come before negotiation, and we are still in the research phase. We are consulting with retirement industry experts in an effort to identify potentially viable improvements that would benefit everyone. If that effort proves successful, we will undertake a thorough education campaign regarding your current retirement plans as well as any potential alternatives, then survey you regarding your desires. Next comes the negotiating phase, but only once you've given your MEC the go-ahead. Finally, should negotiations result in a tentative agreement, your vote will be the final say in whether to accept or reject it.

You have our word on this and we are not some shadowy very informed source. We are the most informed source.



Chuck Dyer, MEC Chairman
John Cardaci, MEC Vice Chairman
Rich Zins, MEC Secretary Treasurer
Block 1, Don Ray
Block 2, Jim Mumby (current)
Block 2, DJ Shaw (elect)
Block 3, Pete Harmon
Block 4, Dave Arrington
Block 5, Jamie Morton (current)
Block 5, Brian Hoffman (elect)
Block 6, Anita Shew
Block 7, Fred Galey (current)
Block 7, Ian Thompson (elect)
Block 8, Don Loepke
Block 9 (ANC), Bob Cecchi
Block 10 (HKG), Andrew Coward
Block 11 (Ins), Michael Arcamuzi
Block 12 (LAX), Tony Miller (current)
Block 12 (LAX), Dave Wojtkowski (elect)
Block 13 (CGN), Erin McCoy
Block 14 (IND), Andy Anderson
Pat May, Negotiating Committee Chairman
Ken Binder, R&I Committee Chairman
Chris Lee, Communications Committee Chairman


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