Trip Services Committee

Trip Services
Committee Chair,
Captain Jay Owen


Trip Services Committee

First Officer Jarrod Hatfield


The Trip Services Committee is committed to ensuring a safe, clean, comfortable rest for FedEx crews while traveling. We work directly with FedEx Crew Travel Services to provide the best possible hotels, meals, and ground transportation possible.

We rely on ALPA pilots to be our eyes and ears on the line. Have a hotel, limo, or catering report to make? We always welcome your feedback.


INSITE Tickets – The most efficient way for management to be made aware of and correct issues pertaining to hotels, catering and ground transportation is via the new

INSITE Reporting System. This electronic form is accessed via the website home page.  If you have a hotel, catering or ground transportation concern/issue, positive or negative, we encourage you to submit the ticket.  Please submit a separate ticket for each issue (For example, please submit one ticket for a hotel issue and if there was also a ground transportation issue please submit a second ticket.)  These tickets, combined with your correspondence to the Trip Services Committee, are reviewed at our quarterly meetings with the Company and are instrumental in making changes.  We encourage input.  Please e-mail us at Please also copy your Insites into a DART so the union can better track the data.

Current Trip Services news is always contained in the monthly SIG NOTES.

Please email us at if you have any questions.

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