Key Men Society


Dear Fellow Anchorage Pilots,


One of the moments I was most proud of this last week, at the ALPA Board of Directors meeting, was when I was able to accept an award on behalf of the ANC pilots as an inaugural member of the Key Men Society. The Key Men Society is named after the 24 “Key Men” who founded ALPA, and recognizes Local Councils whose PAC participation is 24% or greater. Only five councils are inaugural members, and I’m so proud to say ours is one of them (LAX and CGN are also members, as well as one DAL and one UAL council.)


It is truly an honor to recognize the leadership of the following pilots who made this award possible; your PAC donations truly make a difference in improving our careers:


Mark Abbott

John Connolly

Mike Hoolihan

Pat Mullen

TJ Agha

John Corbey

Ron Horton

Kris Oldham

Cary Anderson

Harry DeBruhl

Bill Hubbell

Mark Paylor

Mike Andrews

Tom Donahoe

Gary Janelli

Joe Pearson

Bryan Bailey

Ed Donat

Phil John

Tom Peichel

Dave Barnwell

Seth Downs

Kris Jones

Gary Roeder

Jade Beam

Ted Duell

Wayne Koide

Josh Rogness

Mike Bender

Catherine Dwinnell

Todd Koss

Donal Rufener

Brian Bernett

Fred Eissler

Susie Latvala

Jim Schaffran

Dave Bogart

Mike Fox

Brian Lessin

Michael Shiffer

Mush Brower

Dan Garcia

Ian Llewellyn

Bill Secord

Tim Burson

Jim Garrigan

Guy Lopez

David Shinn

Tom Buskirk

Sam Gregov

Brian McGill

Andrea Snowden

Storm Carl

Larry Guichard

Jeff McGuinness

Steven Stiles

Chris Carmen

John Hall

Pat Meehan

William Toft

Bob Cecchi

Bret Hamilton

Shevaun Meggitt

Greg Twist

Rand Chandler

Mike Healey

Dave Myers

Joe Vasta

Lane Chenoweth

Dan Hodgson

A David Miller

Steve Westover

Gus Connor

Darrell Holmstrom

Ben Monshor

Tom Wimberly


Here’s our challenge – it’s critical we increase our PAC participation – now is the time to step. LAX has over 30% of their pilots donating to the PAC, and CGN is over 45%. How about a little domicile rivalry that actually helps preserve our careers and put food on the table? We can certainly do better. Whether it’s $1, $10, or $100 per month, every little bit helps. Click here to learn more – payroll deductions, checks, and credit cards accepted.


While half of a pilot’s career is determined by our contractual rules, the other half is controlled by regulations. This is why it is so critical that we must support ALPA’s Legislative Affairs Team on Capitol Hill in their efforts to educate our legislators on pilot issues. As one of the most bi-partisan PACs, ALPA PAC is PRO PILOT! ALPA-PAC opens the doors on Capitol Hill so that our educators can be educated on pilot issues. The pilotpartisan.com website has more details an information to learn more.


Thank you to the pilots above who earned this prestigious award on behalf of our council, our efforts do not go unnoticed. I ask the other 75% of the ANC pilots, what are you waiting for? Please step up and donate now!


We Are ALPA and the PAC helps make our future a better one,



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