Council 14 Message - 5/14/19
Council 14 Message - 5/14/19


Ladies and Gentlemen of Local Council 14,
Mental Health is equally important as physical health for pilots and family members alike. Often though, Mental Health is not given full priority for various reasons. We have an obligation to ourselves, our family, and FedEx to address our mental health issues and those of family members. As a part of our negotiated benefits, the Confidential Assistance and Resources for Everyone (CARE), formerly the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), offers comprehensive professional support and counseling for you and your family members living in your household. Issues commonly addressed include family conflict, grief, life changes, personal growth, and dependence or co-dependence. The CARE program provides up to eight counseling sessions per issue for you and each family member. Preauthorization is required. You can access the CARE program by calling 1-866-621-0130 inside the U.S. or 44-208-987-6230 outside the U.S. or go to and enter FedEx Pilots. Provide here are Mental Health providers in Hong Kong. In addition, here you can find information from our Pilot Assistance Team Hotline (PATH) on choosing a licensed counselor or therapist. 
DJ Shaw Mike Hourin Hayden Madison
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