Chairman's Message - 5/16/19
Chairman's Message - 5/16/19


We are ALPA. We take care of each other . . . it’s what we do.
My fellow pilots, it is an honor to serve our Master Executive Council (MEC) as chairman. While many significant issues lay ahead, we needn’t be concerned as we navigate them together. I have a great leadership team and we commit to honest, transparent leadership. We will keep you informed while remaining focused on our goals. We will not waver in our commitment to you. We will support and guide the dozens of committee chairs and hundreds of pilot volunteers as they work to protect and improve our profession and our FedEx careers. We are resolute in our commitment to always do what is in the best interest of the FedEx pilots who are the best in the world at what they do. FedEx pilots deserve the best, and together, we will attain it.
We have a fine tradition of taking care of each other. When one of our own is facing difficulties, we step up to help. There is an overwhelming sense of pride that comes with belonging to such a generous and engaged group of professionals.
Edmund Burke once stated, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it." The history of our pilot group is replete with incredible successes and stunning setbacks. The early history of the FedEx pilot group is littered with examples of in-fighting and groups working against each other. As a maturing union, it is time to learn from the past and work together as professionals resolute in our goals. Success is not conceptual but rather ours for the taking when we work together.
The leadership team in place now won’t be distracted. We will communicate often and point out tactics being employed that are meant to distract and divide. We will remain focused on the issues that challenge us. We will work together, informing you and listening to you. We will set clear goals with your input, improve our quality of life and do everything we can to protect our profession from the constant encroachment we experience in the face of cost-cutting measures management believes appropriate to levy on us.
By working together, we have been successful, and we will be again. We are ALPA. We must take care of each other because management won’t look out for our best interests unless it suits their interests. We must not get distracted. Moreover, we must not become part of the distraction. When you publish criticism meant to tear down the position of those with whom you disagree to rally others to your point of view, you create cracks in unity that can and will be exploited. Instead, please send us a PDR, call your block representative, the committee chair concerned, or one of the officers and address your concerns directly with people who can affect the change you want. Getting involved is the professional way to take care of each other and protect our interests, which by extension benefits us all. 
We are living in exciting times. More than 1,300 pilots have been hired since Contract 2015 was ratified. That’s more than 27 percent of us who have never been through contract negotiations with FedEx. Our mentorship program is designed to quickly assimilate our new colleagues into our culture of working safely and professionally. We are the most productive pilots in the world. If you are a new hire, welcome aboard. If you have been here for a while, please consider becoming a mentor. It will be rewarding to both you and your profession.
As a former Marine, LSU alumni, and Patriots fan, the temptation to wear any of those lanyards is great. We all have some affiliation outside work that is a source of pride. Wearing an ALPA lanyard and pin is an essential part of our uniform. It says several things about us while also informing our colleagues that we can be counted on to be there for them. We will be fair-minded and professional following the ALPA Code of Ethics in our dealings with each other. 
By contrast, not wearing an ALPA lanyard or pin tells your fellow pilots and management that you are okay with:
  • Cost-cutting, efficiency grabs and continued encroachments on our quality of life. 
  • Baseline and established fares so low that you can’t possibly deviate without paying out of pocket in order to generate millions in revenue for the company. 
  • The thousands of trip revisions we experience every month—that your published pairing is “advisory in nature.”
The list goes on, but I think you can see a pattern.
As we consider complex issues, FedEx pilots’ safety, well-being, job security, and lifestyle will always be the foremost consideration in our minds. We will continue with contract enforcement efforts, defending our contract whenever needed. 
We have a talented team of pilot volunteers and staff. We are building unity and growing our communications channels. Be engaged. Be part of something bigger than yourself. If able, volunteer for a committee that interests you. Please communicate with us often. Remember, when you attack ALPA, you are hurting yourself too. 
We are ALPA. We take care of each other . . . it’s what we do.
Pete Harmon,  MEC Chairman