Chairman's Message - 6/16/19
Chairman's Message - 6/16/19


Greetings, All:

Today the company issued an FCIF 19-0270 regarding security around the G-20 Summit to be held on June 28 & 29 at the International Exhibition Center in Osaka, Japan.

In conjunction with the summit, the Japanese government is imposing 4 security requirements on flights operating in and out of KIX, Kansai Int’l. during the G-20 summit and the days immediately before and after (June 26-30th).

The requirements are:
  • Only operating crew permitted on board. (NO Jumpseats in or out)
  • Pilots in seats within 25 nm of airport.
  • Cockpit door closed (to the extent that one exists) at all times within 25 nm of the airport. 
  • Crews operating to and from KIX must verify ‘fit for duty’ before flight.
Please follow them to the best of your ability so as to avoid any situations which may upset our Japanese hosts while in country.

In addition to these requirements, the city is preparing to implement stricter security measures that may impact you. These measures include plans to suspend the use of trash cans and coin operated luggage lockers at train and subway stations and road closures. This might also mean that more people will be opting for travel by subway and train, which translates to more crowded trains, especially during peak hours.

Apart from being notoriously expensive, you now have another reason to avoid taking taxis in Osaka. With road closures near the Osaka Station area you can expect slower traffic in other parts of Osaka as people are rerouted. Osaka Station is near where the G20 summit will be taking place and apart from human congestion, you can also expect plenty of security checks all around the city.

Due to the large number of dignitaries attending security will be tightened and the potential for protests and demonstrations is greatly increased. As such, it is recommended that you:
  • Stay at the designated layover hotel or communicate with others any planned location that is different
  • Always carry your shore-pass and passport when traveling outside the hotel
  • Carry your dispo-sheet with important phone numbers
  • Be mindful of your surroundings
  • Avoid large crowds and protests
  • Use the buddy system or at least tell others of your plans
  • Plan extra time for travel
The bottom line: We take care of each other. Please look out for each other and don’t hesitate to communicate with the company right away if your travel or rest is disrupted and it is going to affect operations.

In Unity ,  
Pete Harmon,  MEC Chairman