Council 123 Message - 7/25/19
Council 123 Message - 7/25/19


July 25, 2019
Ladies and Gentlemen of Local Council 123,
I recently spent a week in Memphis attending the quarterly MEC Meeting. I want to start off by praising our pilots for your engagement. I was told by our ALPA website coordinator that FDA pilots read LEC messages at a higher rate than any other domicile. I was also told that the CGN domicile has the highest percentage of PDRs submitted in relation to the size of the base. Well done! Thank you being proactive and staying engaged.
  • The Pilots Stabilized Pension Plan
    • Hopefully by now you have read our MEC officers’ message. FedEx informed the Negotiating Committee in July it would not continue to evaluate the plan due to recent economic conditions and current internal company spending constraints. They didn’t indicate any structural problem with the PSPP, but understood it was “expensive.”
    • Let me be clear, our proposal was robust and would have cost the company money, but it would have fixed the retirement plan permanently and given the company the long-term stability and accounting relief that they have stated they want. The company has again shown that they do not properly value your immense contribution to their success. 
    • Cheiron performed the actuarial work in the second part of the project. It was money well spent. We have a durable plan that allows modeling of every aspect of our retirement income that can be updated anytime. The PSPP accounts for qualified plan compensation limit increases as well as our growing yearly incomes without creating astronomical accounting costs.
    • Our commitment to improve the retirement for all FedEx pilots has not changed and we will enter Section 6 negotiations in less than two years with a laser focus on this cornerstone issue and an incredible amount of work already done.
  • PDRs—We are getting great information and they are working. A hotel in Guangzhou that had mold and was clearly substandard was changed in two days over a holiday weekend based on PDRs that ALPA took to the company. We as a union are in a much better position when challenging the company if we have data to back up our position. Full disclosure—we did make a mistake involving the release of some information in raw form from a CGN pilot’s PDR. While I cannot provide specifics, I can say the responsible party has apologized to the CGN pilot and the process has been fixed so that this one-time mistake will never happen again. After a programming change, I will be copied on all PDRs unless you check the box saying you do not want me to be notified. Currently, I only see PDRs when either the staff or you send me a copy. I’m looking forward to this change so that I can stay on top of the issues here in Europe.
  • Annual Home Visit Tickets—Unfortunately, based on the company’s recent decisions, I have to keep talking to you about this issue. The Negotiating Committee met with the company and got some tangible results. Global Travel, through the Relocations Department, should not book you in a fare that does not allow the standard baggage allowance for economy. If you are booked on a ticket without baggage included, please submit an INSITE ticket and ask Global Travel to rebook it. As far as seat selection fees, the company does realize that families do need to sit together but there seems to be an issue with the right booking code for the various airlines to ensure free seat selection. The Negotiating Committee is continuing to discuss this issue with the company.  In the interim, if you are booked without a seat, advise the company via INSITE and make your seat selections in economy if Global Travel is unable to change your ticket. Complete the out-of-pocket expense portion of your monthly expense report. If you are forced to pay for seat selection, please submit a PDR as soon as you can. 
  • Leaving Europe and the New Section 24 Bid for Training Procedure—There is a significant problem if a pilot bids out between the two- and four-year point. If the pilot bids out before two years, he receives a notional bid and receives a training date per Section 24. If the pilot stays four years, he receives a training date per the FDA LOA. Those that bid out in between are in the Bid for Training pool which means they do not have a knowable “activation” date until they receive a training date. Not having a published training date is significant because, as we all know, many actions need to be accomplished in Germany well before leaving. The company is currently resistant to providing your negotiated benefits if you are not in the “Transition Window” referenced in the FDA LOA which begins 6 months prior to your projected activation date in your new crew position. We do not agree with this read. Furthermore, it is simply impossible to leave with the seven-week notice the bid for training gives you. The Negotiations Committee is working for a solution to this issue. If you are affected by this in the meantime, please submit a very detailed PDR of your situation to CE.
  • The MEC passed a resolution affirming our support for “One Level of Security and Safety” for all airlines. This resolution includes bringing all cargo operations to the same level for Flight Deck security and ramp security. The resolution also contains the MEC’s support for no longer being carved out of CFR Part 117. I told you when you elected me, I would be transparent and honest with you. This is a complicated issue. I will provide you with a separate, detailed comm about this issue soon and will hopefully answer many questions. I do want you to understand that no FedEx MEC has ever voted to accept the cargo-carveout. We are using all available resources to ensure we keep our pilots safe while maintaining and improving our quality of life.
  • Two more asks—Please listen to the podcasts and watch the videos the MEC is putting out. They are very informative and will help you stay engaged. Also, please consider becoming a mentor. We have amazing new hires and we need to help them in every way we can. To give you an idea of our growth and changing pilot demographic, we will have approximately 2500 pilots who were not on property for the 2015 Contract ratification when we begin negotiations for Contract 2021 in less than two years.
Finally, please join us on August 31st as we host ALPA President and FedEx pilot Joe DePete at our Local Council Meeting at the Pullman Hotel at 4pm. Captain DePete will be hosting a social event afterwards at 6:00 p.m. for pilots and spouses (the location is still TBD but will be close to the Pullman). Having a FedEx pilot in the position of ALPA president was inconceivable when we rejoined ALPA in 2002 and is an amazing accomplishment. I am hoping for a huge turnout to hear one of our own who is representing all the pilots in ALPA and defending our profession. More details to follow and spouses are encouraged to attend. Let’s show Captain DePete and all of ALPA how engaged we are here in Europe. 
Thank you for your support.
Jay Owen Sal Infante Tom Merrill  
LEC 123 Chairman  LEC 123 Vice Chairman LEC 123 Sec/Treasurer