Council 100 Message - 7/31/19
Council 100 Message - 7/31/19


I recently attended the MEC quarterly meeting in Memphis. You can get a good update here
Mark your calendars for our next Local Council meeting on September 29th – location TBD. MEC Chairman Pete Harmon will be in attendance to brief you on current issues and take your questions.
Recurrent Training TAD
Since June 2019, all recurrent training events now have extra information available during the Conflict Input Window. You can now see the actual flights for each TAD event with fares. This extra information should make it easier to determine conflicts when bidding for recurrent training.
American Airlines/United Airlines Ticket Cancellation Policy
The Company recently released FCIF 19-0325 detailing changes in AA and ticket cancellation policies. In the past, pilots that forgot to cancel tickets and no-showed for a passenger flight were typically not assessed a fee by AA. The recent change will result in fees up to $100 per ticket deducted from your deviation bank. This change affects all tickets – scheduled and deviation. Based on some historical data, it may be a good idea to keep a record of flights you cancelled or independently confirm with the airline that the flight was actually cancelled.
Purchasing Deviation Tickets on line
Recent changes to the PiLOTs system now allow you to purchase a ticket electronically without deviating. Previously, you had to do this over the phone and often faced long queues with Global Travel. Now you can go through the normal Deviation process on VIPS: View/Deviate Trips, Select the trip you desire to purchase a ticket on, and then before hitting CONTINUE, scroll to the top of the page and uncheck the Deviate block. After selecting the flight, you desire, you will receive a warning at the bottom saying, “the deadhead will not be deviated, and the scheduled ticket will not be cancelled...” 
Note that purchasing a ticket this way also allows you to cancel your deviation ticket on line. Under the Deviation/Deadheading tab on PFC, there is a link for “CANCEL DEVIATION TICKET.” Currently, the only tickets displayed are the ones you booked online. Tickets that were purchased over the phone must still be cancelled over the phone.
Mentors Needed
In the absence of a Company mentor program, ALPA began a program last Fall. The program is in need of additional volunteers. Although training is preferred in-person in Memphis, you can accomplish it remotely. This is your opportunity to ensure the new hires get the guidance they need. You can sign up and get more info here.
We continue to have a low amount of fatigue reports—even when we all know we fly some of the most fatiguing trips in the industry. Remember, you don’t have to call in fatigued to write a fatigue report; we need the data to fight for changes. “No data, no problem.” If you do call in fatigued, remember the acronym CARMA:
  • REST
What happens after I call in fatigued? Depending on when the call was made, the pilot will fall into one of three categories:
  1. Prior to check in AFTER receiving a legal rest period (typically start of a sequence) – removed from trip and hours available for make up if had trip guarantee
  2. Prior to check in WITHOUT receiving a legal rest period (typically during a hub turn at base) – removed from trip, placed in sick status
  3. After check in – Duty Officer will decide whether to revise schedule to allow appropriate rest or remove pilot and place in sick status for remainder of trip.  In this case the FERC will later meet and determine whether sick bank will be reimbursed (currently we are around 95% reimbursement of sick bank)
You can read more about the Fatigue program here.
VEBA/Premium Reimbursement Plan
I think most are aware of this program, but for those that aren’t, this program was started after CBA 2006 as a way to supplement insurance costs for eligible retired pilots and dependents on Medicare. Contributions are currently $1.15 per credit hour (increases yearly by $0.05) and are labeled on your pay stub as &POST65 PRP. The PRP reimburses eligible retired pilots and/or eligible spouses, eligible domestic partners and eligible disabled children for premium payments up to the maximum monthly benefit for any of the following: Medicare Part B, Medicare Supplemental Policies (Medigap), Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Part D, or TRICARE for Life (in the event the govt. begins charging premiums). The maximum benefit will be pro-rated 4% per year of pilot service at FedEx (up to 25 years of service). Note that in the 2015 CBA, the PRP added Medicare Part B as an eligible reimbursable expense. This was done to equalize the benefit for pilots who are eligible for Tricare for Life. Now, the monthly PRP reimbursement offers value to all eligible retired pilots. For more detailed information about the PRP click here.
Back the PAC
Finally, a plug for ALPA’s Political Action Committee. 100% funded by voluntary contribution – the PAC is ALPA’s bipartisan effort to educate policy makers and advance pilot-partisan issues. With so many threats coming legislatively to our profession, this should be a must for every pilot. LAX has always had a strong participation and last year, I proudly received an award on behalf of our pilots for that participation. A few dollars a month can make a difference. Read more about the program and contribute here.
Useful Guides/Links
FedEx Spouse and Family Guide – Includes some great information including interline/ID90 travel, ALPA insurance, payroll guides, family emergency help.
Surviving Family Guide – Critical information for your family in the event of your death. Every spouse should have a copy.
Annual R&I Update – Important to review every year to make sure you are maximizing your benefits
CA State Disability Insurance – Benefits all LAX based pilots whether you live in California or not. 
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