Council 14 Message - 8/2/19
Council 14 Message - 8/2/19


Ladies and Gentlemen of Local Council 14,
This letter includes information from the quarterly MEC Meeting I attended in Memphis during the 2nd week of July as well as current events in our domicile. Thank you for staying engaged. According to the ALPA website coordinator, FDA pilots read LEC messages at a higher rate than any other domicile. 
  • The Pilots Stabilized Pension Plan (PSPP) — Hopefully you have read our MEC officers’ message, which is available on the FDX ALPA website. FedEx informed the Negotiating Committee in July it would not continue to evaluate the plan due to changing economic conditions and current internal Company spending constraints. The Company has again shown that they do not properly value your immense contribution to their success. While this is unfortunate, our commitment to improve the retirement for all FedEx pilots has not changed. We will enter Section 6 negotiations in less than two years with a laser focus on this cornerstone issue, and with the benefit of a substantial amount of work already done. 
  • Hong Kong Protests — Most of you are no doubt monitoring the political protests on the news and have seen the Company’s guidance via FCIFs on staying safe. As always, apply common sense. I would add that there is also useful information available at the US Consulate Website: Additionally, I encourage each of you to enroll in STEP if you have not already done so at: This service is free and ensures you will receive alerts regarding safety concerns within the Hong Kong SAR. 
  • PDRs—They are working. Taking the time to file a PDR alongside of an INSITE has enabled the union to engage in a timely fashion to resolve multiple issues, in addition to the CAN hotel issues. We are in a much better position when challenging the Company when we have data to back up our position. Keep them coming.
  • The MEC passed a resolution affirming our support for “One Level of Security and Safety” for all airlines. This resolution includes bringing all cargo operations to the same level for Flight Deck security and ramp security. The resolution also includes the MEC’s support for removing the CFR Part 117 so called “cargo carveout.” I understand that this is a complicated issue. A point worth emphasizing is that no FedEx MEC has ever voted to accept the cargo carveout, so FedEx ALPA’s position has remained consistent over time. We are using all available resources to ensure we keep our pilots safe while maintaining and improving our quality of life. Last week, a comm was published in the Positive Rate regarding this issue. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, I encourage you to do so. You can find the article here.
  • Annual Home Visit Tickets—Although it primarily affects the EMEA domicile, the Company has been booking some annual tickets with limited/no included baggage allowance. The Negotiating Committee met with the Company and this problem has been resolved. Pilots should no longer receive tickets without baggage allowances. If you are charged a standard baggage fee (not a fee for extra bags) or if you are booked on a ticket without baggage included, please submit an INSITE ticket and ask Global Travel to rebook it. The Negotiating Committee is continuing to discuss the issue of seat selection, and associated fees (ensuring that families can sit together) with the Company.   
A few last thoughts: Please listen to the podcasts and watch the videos the MEC is putting out. They contain a wealth of information which will help you stay engaged and informed. We need additional P2P volunteers; please contact me if you are interested in serving in this capacity. And finally, a continued appeal — we need to step up our focus on building unity within our domicile. Please wear your lanyards, mentor the new hires and additions to the base; know and abide by the CBA. Within the next two years we will begin negotiations for Contract 2021, and we will do so with as many as 2,500 pilots who were not on property for the 2015 Contract ratification. We are entering a new era and it is critical that we maintain and cultivate a culture of unity. It is the essential ingredient to our success going forward. Thank you for your professionalism and support.
In Unity,
Captain DJ Shaw
DJ Shaw Mike Hourin Hayden Madison
Council 14 Chairman Council 14 Vice Chairman Council 14 Secretary Treasurer