Council 14 Message from MEC Chairman - 8/9/19
Council 14 Message from MEC Chairman - 8/9/19


ALPA Leadership has been engaged with Management at various levels over the last few weeks regarding the dynamic security situation in HKG. The safety and security of you and your family is ALPA’s paramount concern.
FCIF 19-0351 advised that pilots concerned with safety or security in HKG may contact Captain Delores Pavletic. This goes beyond operational considerations. If you have safety and security concerns which pertain to your family, including whether your family’s continued presence in the FDA is a threat to their safety, please do not hesitate contacting Captain Pavletic at 901.568.1041 or +852 6023 4398.  
Please keep ALPA informed as well through PDR or contact with your HKG LEC Representatives.
Pete Harmon,  MEC Chairman