Council 14 Message - 8/13/19
Council 14 Message - 8/13/19


Greetings All:
I am aware of the frustration of our families. I don’t participate in the various social media platforms, so please contact me personally. I am happy to answer any and all concerns you have that I can.   
ALPA leaders and I have been engaged with the Company security staff over the last several weeks. We continue to stress the concern for the safety and security of our pilots and their families who are more than 7,000 miles away from the AOC in Memphis. Additionally, we’ve communicated our concerns regarding the communications vacuum that leave our pilots and their families feeling alone. They assure us they have a plan and a team in place regarding the security and safety of our pilots and their families. However, they have not been willing to share their plan with ALPA leadership or more importantly, the HKG pilots and their families.  
Everyone should have an emergency plan and be smart about your movements. Until you have heard definitive instructions from the Company, you should be talking with each other and have plans for shelter in place, have food and water, meeting points determined and a communications/rally-point plan if cell phones, landlines, and Internet are shut down.
The MEC views the security of our pilots and their families as paramount, and we are continuously engaged with management and security teams to try and address the situation. Anything heard or stated to the contrary is simply not accurate and is unhelpful.  
In closing, it would be irresponsible to organize a Local Council meeting in HKG when no one can accurately predict pop-up protests that impact all forms of public transportation and standoffs with police. We will cancel this Sunday’s scheduled meeting and reschedule when it is safe to travel without being caught in a pop-up protest. Our Local Council meetings will resume at the earliest possible date.

DJ Shaw Mike Hourin Hayden Madison
Council 14 Chairman Council 14 Vice Chairman Council 14 Secretary Treasurer