Council 14 Message - 8/26/19
Council 14 Message - 8/26/19


We were very pleased with the attendance at the town hall meeting and grateful for the Company realizing the very important issues the HKG FDA pilots have been dealing with since June. ALPA was adamant that our crewmembers’ and families’ safety is the union’s first priority. We were able to communicate this to management, and they answered by sending a team from Memphis. It was a significant effort by ALPA and the Company. Their presentation was very informative, and although it didn’t answer every question and concern, it demonstrated a good commitment to continued work and cooperation as the situation evolves. The Company shared completely their security plans for the HKG FDA with the Security Chairman, Capt Bill Schild. The details of that plan can not be shared lest they compromise their effectiveness, but Capt. Schild has assured us the plan is robust. Based on that shared information, we have communicated recommended changes to personal security plans for our pilots and their families. We would like to thank Capt. Bill Schild, FDX MEC Security Committee Chairman, and Capt. Bill McReynolds, HKG Security Committee Liaison, for their tireless efforts. We would not have been successful without their assistance. 
Capt. Pavletic has put out numerous comms since ALPA started dialogue with the Company over security. These are in the form of company e-mails and FCIFs. Please check your company e-mail daily and share with your spouse. This demonstrates the Company’s commitment to communications being extremely important even though the situation in HKG is changing faster than anyone can predict. ALPA Security is working hand in hand with FDX Corporate Security both here in APAC and in Memphis.
A few comm pieces we would like to point out are:
  1. 15AUG19 from SCP Capt. Sebasco
  2. 18AUG19 from RCP Capt. Pavletic
  3. 19AUG19 from RCP Capt. Pavletic
Please read these carefully as they contain important information regarding families leaving the HKG base for a period of time, new visa options, authorizations, and more.
One significant takeaway is that if you’re concerned about a pairing, tell the DO. If that doesn’t work, contact the RCP. If you’re concerned about your safety or that of your family, contact the RCP. But always have your own plan.
In closing, we want to thank everyone who attended the meeting and especially the new pilots or in some cases just the spouses who are new to the base.
The LEC14 meeting minutes will be posted in the next week to our website.
Stay smart, vigilant, and safe.
DJ Shaw Mike Hourin Hayden Madison
Council 14 Chairman Council 14 Vice Chairman Council 14 Secretary Treasurer