Council 123 Message from the Negotiating Committee - 8/27/19
Council 123 Message from the Negotiating Committee - 8/27/19


August 27, 2019
Cologne Pilots,
We have reached an agreement with the Company pertaining to the required one year "hiatus" in Paragraph N.3. (493) of the FDA LOA through the Ongoing Implementation Measures (OIM) provision in the FDA LOA. Paragraph N.3. states:
After a pilot leaves an FDA centered in an EU country, he may not be activated in that crew base for at least one year after the last day of his previous assignment, provided that he activates in another crew position based outside of the country in which the FDA is centered and he establishes a permanent, primary residence outside of the country in which the FDA is centered. This limitation shall not apply if the subsequent crew base at which the pilot is stationed is centered in a country in which the pilot has never been based as a FedEx Express employee.
Beginning with the September bid period, a CGN based pilot will now have the ability to use the German de-registration date as the start date of the one year hiatus. The Company previously used the day prior to a pilot's activation date into the new, non-EUR crew position. This change will provide for a sooner return to EUR for pilots so inclined. 
Please be aware that a pilot who receives an EUR crew position award after August 22, 2019, will no longer be eligible for the storage benefit if that pilot chooses to commute to the EUR base. Keep in mind that if you are currently receiving the storage reimbursement as a commuter, this OIM will not impact your current benefit.       
The agreement also provides that the 5 year limit on EUR assignments will no longer apply to a pilot who chooses to commute from the United States throughout the duration of his FDA assignment. For such a pilot, there will be no artificial limit on his or her tenure in EUR. 
We appreciate the efforts of the current and former FDA reps in Cologne. Please feel free to send any questions you may have regarding this OIM by submitting a PDR and selecting Negotiating Committee from the drop-down menu.  
FedEx MEC Negotiating Committee