FDX MEC FastRead: Upcoming Survey - 9/11/19
FDX MEC FastRead: Upcoming Survey - 9/11/19


September 11, 2019

Your MEC has contacted the University of New Hampshire Survey Center (UNH) to conduct a phone survey of our membership. The purpose of the telephone survey is to assist in early preparations for contract negotiations. The survey will be followed in several months by a longer, more detailed web-based survey. Questions in the upcoming telephone survey will broadly address contract goals, expectations, bargaining power, pilot unity, contract enforcement, treatment by management, and union-related views. To help maximize our bargaining power for the next negotiations, your MEC and your Negotiating Committee feel it is very important to take a broad gauge of pilot sentiments at this time. If you are called by the University of New Hampshire, please take the time to share your views.

  • Calls will begin September 12th and end on September 25th (14 day calling period)
  • All calls will come from 603-397-0654
  • Caller ID on landlines will indicate "UNH Surv Ctr"
  • Caller ID on cell phones will indicate "NH Call"
  • Calling times are between 9am and 9pm (time zone appropriate)
  • Interviewing 600 pilots (randomly selected)
  • UNH will attempt to call you back if your sampling quota is not yet completed.
  • For HKG, calling times begin at 9am local time.
  • For CGN, calling times begin at 3pm local time.