Vice Chairman's Message (Positive Rate) - 10/1/19
Vice Chairman's Message (Positive Rate) - 10/1/19


October 1, 2019
I hope each of you have taken the opportunity to listen to our podcast series, Fly By Night. If not, please take the time to listen. To date, we have had more than 13,000 listens in this series. We have also received a great amount of positive feedback from you. Our goal with this podcast series is to provide our pilots with an easy communication tool that helps you learn more about our union and our union volunteers. Each episode is a great way to get information on a different committee or topic. Communications Committee Chairman Captain Chris Lee does an excellent job directing the conversations, but my favorite part is hearing the personal motivations of the pilot volunteers who are being interviewed.
In a recent episode, Captain Bill Hubbell explained his desire to leave this place better than he found it. Despite having a young family, commuting, and being a junior MD11 captain, Bill has stepped up to volunteer as our Strategic Preparedness and Strike Committee (SPSC) chairman. With past experience as the Anchorage domicile secretary treasurer, an SPSC member, and Retirement & Insurance vice chairman, Bill is focusing his current efforts on the strategic plan we will use to bargain our next CBA. Hopefully, you are as inspired by Bill's volunteerism as I am.
FedEx chose to employ you because you are a great aviator with the decision making and talent to fly anywhere in the world and deliver the Purple Promise to FedEx customers. Whatever your background, you decided at some point that a career as an airline pilot was desirable. Most likely, pay, benefits, work rules, etc., factored into your decision to choose FedEx as your career destination. As you know, these items are bargained into our Collective Bargaining Agreement, and I can assure you that ALPA wants to see them improved. I cannot make the same assurances for the intent of the corporation's leaders.
Pilot volunteers like Captain Bill Hubbell volunteer their time and talents to leave this place better than they found it. If you are interested in volunteering, please send us a PDR and select the "Volunteer" category. If you don't have time to volunteer, please stay engaged by attending your local council meetings, communicating with your block representative, reading the Positive Rate each week for current news, and continuing to listen to the podcasts!
In Unity,
Captain David Chase
FDX MEC Vice Chairman