Positive Rate Weekly - 10/15/19
Positive Rate Weekly - 10/15/19


We would like to remind you that the Company elected to exercise their option to withdraw from the Hotel Standby settlement that both sides have benefitted from over the last two peak periods. Please keep this in mind as you bid for November and December because it will be back to current CBA language (Sect. 25.N.4) for this upcoming peak.  
Also, we need to know if you see a high number of Hotel Standbys being dropped into Open Time to prevent you from adjusting your schedule due to “insufficient reserves.” This scheme is what drove the settlement in the first place and we want to know if it makes a reappearance so we can take the appropriate measures. As always, preferred method to notify Contract Enforcement is through the PDR system.
We published a message a couple of weeks ago regarding fellow pilot First Officer Todd Hohn. We are reprinting the information below in case it was overlooked. 
As you may be aware, one of our pilots, Todd Hohn, was detained in Guangzhou, China on 12 Sep while waiting to board a flight from CAN to HKG. He has been detained in China, unable to leave, while the Chinese authorities conduct an investigation concerning the alleged possession of air-gun pellets. While the future is uncertain, he and his family remain hopeful and are cooperating as best as they can. He has engaged a legal team and has moved to a residential boarding house to save money, but these expenses were never anticipated and are mounting rapidly beyond his ability to pay them. Please consider sending a note or card of support and please further consider donating  to Todd and his family at this link in order to help support them during this extremely difficult time. Please keep Todd and his family in your thoughts and prayers.
This link should be shared ONLY via word of mouth or email only. PLEASE do not post this link or any commentary on social media regarding Todd, his family or his case.
Welcome to Peak 2019/2020! As we enter the busiest time of the year for FedEx Express, ALPA would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our members continuing to serve this great Nation in the U.S. military. With America’s continuing involvement in operations around the world, we know your contributions to our defense doesn't cease during Peak.
Your union representatives are aware of the challenges service men and women face as they continue to balance military duties, family responsibilities and FedEx obligations. Your Military Affairs Committee would like to ask our pilots who continue to defend our freedoms to consider moving, deferring or delaying military service during Peak, if possible. We understand you have training and operational requirements that do not dissipate during Peak. The increasingly competitive transportation and logistics environment that FedEx Express operates in depends on all of us to deliver outstanding service to our present and future customers.
While the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) does not allow an employer to require an employee to reschedule any military duty obligation, the U.S. Code does grant the employer certain rights during specific circumstances. These include military duties that would require an employee to be absent from work for an extended period, during times of acute need, or when (in light of previous leaves) the requested military leave is cumulatively burdensome. In these situations, the employer has the right to contact the military commander of the employee’s unit to determine if the duty could be rescheduled or performed by another member. If the military commander determines that the military duty cannot be rescheduled or canceled, the employer is required to permit the employee to perform his or her military duty. If you are obligated to perform military duty during Peak, please consider notifying the Company of pending military service as early as possible to alleviate last minute service disruptions.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your ALPA Military Affairs Committee. Fly safe and continue to uphold the high standards of service and integrity that you do every day. Thank you for your continued service and sacrifice!
First Officer Paul Erickson Captain Kevin Lane
Paul.Erickson@alpa.org Kevin.Lane@alpa.org
We've been made aware of pilots receiving information from various finanical planning groups. We would like to make it clear that ALPA has not provided pilots' mailing addresses to any outside organization. Additionally, we would like to remind you that ALPA has a partnership with Schwab Financial Services and recommends using this company for your financial planning and portfolio management needs.
As part of the Vacation Buyback Settlement, the Company must provide ALPA at least 14 month advance notice of the date the Company intends to pay unused and accrued vacation (pursuant to Section 7.A.7) for pilots who intend to retire on the December 31st of the following year and give proper notice (provided by Section 28.F.1). 
The Company has notified ALPA that for pilots retiring on December 31, 2020, their earned and accrued vacation will be paid by December 31, 2020.
If you have any questions, contact your Benefits Specialists, Brandy Hough or Ann Giannini, at (901)752-8749.
We have several pilots dealing with difficult issues regarding either their own health or an immediate family member's health. We know our pilots are more than willing to help a fellow pilot in need which is why we are requesting your assistance in offering a PDO bump for the following four pilots. 
First Officer Rian Cook (employee number 633871) is in need of PDO bumps to allow him to care for his wife who has Stage 4 cancer. She is in need of care 24/7 as she can no longer talk, walk or care for herself in any fashion. When Rian flies a trip, he must hire home health care to watch over her. The emotional, financial, and physical stress is tremendous. We would like those of you qualified to operate in the right seat of the 757 to consider offering your time through PDO bumps to allow Rian to be at home to care for his wife and 16-year old daughter. 
MD-11 Captain Pat Hagerty (employee number 454094) was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. You may recall that Pat recently served as our Fatigue Risk Management Committee chairman. We would like to allow Pat the time he needs while he battles this disease. We ask those of you qualified to operate in the left seat of of the MD-11 to please consider offering a PDO bump. 
Airbus Captain Mike Walsh (employee number 340576) is also in need of a PDO bump as he cares for his wife Page who is in the final stages of cancer. If you are qualified to operate in the left seat of the airbus, please consider offering a PDO bump for Mike. 
As you can imagine, these types of situations are stressful. We know our pilots are always willing to step up to assist a fellow pilot during some of the most difficult times and we know this time will be no different. Please keep Brian, Pat and Mike, along with their family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.
Any assistance you can provide one of these pilots is greatly appreciated. 
It has come to Contract Enforcement’s attention that Section 5.B.1.h. has been misapplied on a few occasions. In one instance, the Company substituted a sleep room for a hotel room for pilots on an international trip with a scheduled 4:12 intermediate stop in CDG. The Captain called the Duty Officer (DO) before leaving CGN for CDG and requested to be assigned a hotel room in CDG. The DO agreed that the crew should have a hotel room, but upon arrival in CDG, there was no hotel room assigned. The Captain called the DO again and the DO insisted the Company could use Section 5.B.1.h. The pilots did exactly what they should have -  Fly Now, Grieve Later and contacted Contract Enforcement. This is a domestic parameter and should never be applied to an international trip.  
In another instance, the Company substituted a sleep room for a hotel room for pilots on a domestic trip with a scheduled 4:58 intermediate stop in LGG that occurred in the day period. The Captain submitted an Insite ticket but also notified Contract Enforcement. The pilots used the sleep room in one instance, but with the assistance of Contract Enforcement were assigned a hotel room in another instance. The sleep room can only be substituted if the stop occurs during the night or critical period.
Please take note of Section 5.B.1. 
Know your rights under the Agreement and if you have any concerns, please contact Contract Enforcement by submitting a PDR and selecting ALPA Contract Enforcement from the dropdown menu.
Our P2P Committee recently received some questions related to 777 AVA being turned on in the month of September for first officers, but there weren't any trips available to be picked up for AVA. We asked Contract Enforcement if they could provide us with an answer. 
As with any subject, a little history goes a long way. Prior to the May 2011 bid period, when a crew position was eligible for AVA, advance volunteer assignment was available for the entire bid period with some minimum regard for staffing numbers. Beginning with the May 2011 bid period, the administration and award of AVA underwent a refinement and began to be based on the Reserve Forecast. To read the full article, please click here. 
Annual Enrollment for your 2020 benefits is coming up October 15th through October 29th. 
To help prepare you to make better choices for you and your family, the FDX MEC R&I Committee and staff will be conducting Benefits and Retirement Seminars in ANC, IND and LAX bases, a webcast for the FDA bases, and a Benefits Fair in Memphis. 
The Benefits Seminars will address the scope of your CBA and ALPA benefits. The topics will include health care, life, disability, and retirement, among many others. Retirement Seminars will also be provided. These provide an in-depth look into the retiree benefits available, how to access them, and the processes involved.  
The Benefits Fair in MEM will provide information on all FedEx and ALPA benefits available to you. The topics will include health care, life, disability, and retirement, among many others. FedEx Pilot Benefits Administration representatives and vendors from many of our FedEx and ALPA benefit plans will have booths onsite to answer your questions.
Below is the schedule for upcoming Benefits and Retirement Seminars. Seminars are open to all pilot members in good standing regardless of base. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend. Locations and times will be provided in a later communication. 
  • 10/16 ANC - Benefits and Retirement Seminars click here
  • 10/18 IND - Benefits and Retirement Seminars click here
  • 10/21 MEM - Benefits Fair click here
  • HKG - Benefits and Retirement Webcast - TBD
In addition to the Retirement and Benefits Seminars, a Schwab Executive Services Financial Consultant will be available to conduct individual Retirement & Financial planning sessions with FedEx ALPA member pilots and their spouses. See the links below for available times.
  • 10/17 ANC - Charles Schwab Individual Session click here
  • 10/17 IND - Charles Schwab Individual Session click here
2019 Anthem Health Rewards Program Deadline Extended to October 31st 
If you are enrolled in a CDHP medical plan option, you now have until October 31st to complete all the wellness requirements to receive your Wellness Reward for 2019. 
There have been and continue to be issues with the new wellness vendor. ALPA has continued to work with pilots and the Company to resolve these issues. Due to these issues, ALPA and the Company have agreed to extend the deadline to complete the wellness requirements. 
The Company reported that only 8% of eligible pilots and eligible spouses have received their wellness reward. We recommend verifying that you and your eligible spouse, if applicable, have received the Wellness Reward. You can do this by logging into your HealthEquity account ( www.myhealthequity.com). You should see a credit of $300 for yourself and $300 for your eligible spouse, if applicable. Click here to read more. 
We are currently seeking to fill the Community Outreach and Military Affairs chairman positions. First Officer Paul Erickson has been appointed as the interim Military Affairs chairman. Any pilot interested in filling these positions should contact MEC Secretary Treasurer First Officer Don Loepke at Donald.Loepke@alpa.org.
We often get asked by our new hire pilots why there is a balance of dues owed when ALPA completes their dues reconciliation each year. As a reminder, if your probation end date is after the 15th of the month, your dues will start being deducted the following month. ALPA will attempt to reach out to each individual pilot regarding the amount owed or it will come out in dues reconciliation. 
Many of our fellow pilots generously give to various non-profit and charitable organizations throughout the year. Many of those same pilots participate in fundraising events for organizations by challenging themselves to do something physically demanding in hopes of having others sponsor their effort through monetary donations. 
Captain Michael Arcamuzi will soon participate in the Tour de Cure bike race to benefit the American Diabetes Association (ADA) in New Orleans. The 62-mile race will take place on October 26, 2019, and is a celebration of the ADA's mission and a chance to raise critical funds to help fight diabetes. This year's race has approximately 169 participants and 30 teams participating. Michael's decision to participate and fundraise for this cause is personal—a tribute to his father who passed away in 2003. "Dad taught me to fly and developed diabetes late in life after he retired from United Airlines," Michael explained. "I've participated in this race for the past 5 or 6 years and feel this race allows me to honor my dad while raising money for a great cause in hopes of finding a cure so that other families don't have to deal with diabetes." 
Currently, Captain Arcamuzi is in first place for fundraising for the New Orleans event—let's help him stay in first place!  If you're interested in donating to his fundraising campaign, you can donate here.
For more information about the race itself or to explore additional events near you, please click here
20191001_pinkribbon.pngOver the last 4 years, FedEx pilots have raised over $70,000 to help those affected at every step of the breast cancer journey. Your $30 or higher donation will allow you to receive the official National Breast Cancer Fund (NBCF) Pink ribbon pin. Wear the pin all October to show your support and spread awareness. In conjunction with the pin, you may wear the epaulets (limited quantities still available) and your pink tie from previous years.
MEM - AOC Flight Coordination 901-224-5320
MEM - AOTC Flight Training (Mark Newman/Janet Keys) 901-397-9854
IND - Flight Coordination (Dean Brock) 317-481-7464
LAX - John Underwood 800-722-9839
ANC - Suzanne Garnett 907-317-1031
CAN - Cecilia Zou 086-20-2888-0624
CDG - Flight Coordination (Donna Allen, Laurence Jollivet POC) 011-33-1-4919-9679
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