Chairman's Message - 10/23/19 (Positive Rate Weekly)
Chairman's Message - 10/23/19 (Positive Rate Weekly)


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Recent Survey Takeaways
We recently conducted a telephone poll during the month of September. The purpose of this survey was to assist in early preparations for contract 2021 negotiations by broadly addressing contract goals, expectations, bargaining power, pilot unity, contract enforcement, treatment by management, and union-related views. 
During the 4th quarter MEC meeting held earlier this month, we received a briefing of the survey results from our survey expert Phil Comstock. While this briefing was held in executive session, and we don’t publish our survey results, it is important to share some of the key takeaways we learned from the survey. 
First and foremost, our pilots are unified on key issues. We’ve communicated the importance of unity throughout our union’s history, but this concept is even more critical as we move into preparation for contract negotiations. With 33 percent of our pilots being fairly new to our property and having never been through Section 6 negotiations as a FedEx pilot, we will continue to strive to ensure our unity is unwavering. Whether you’ve been here for a Section 6 negotiation or not, we encourage you to read the FedEx Pilot History posted on our website. Familiarizing yourself with our history is critical to understanding our past successes, failures, and being able to recognize the opportunities that will surely present themselves again as we progress through negotiations. 
The survey results indicated that our pilots desire a focused negotiation on high priority issues. Our pilots agree that retirement improvement is a key issue and primary goal in contract 2021. Additionally, our pilots see nothing advantageous to introducing a Preferential Bidding System (PBS) as a solution to scheduling issues. Based on the survey, our pilots hope that this focused approach allows us to reach a tentative agreement with management in a shorter amount of time than previous contract negotiations.
As we move closer to Section 6 openers, we will continue to survey, drilling down further into specific issues. In addition to communicating with your block representatives directly, we ask that you provide your feedback if randomly selected to participate in a survey via telephone. We will also have online web-based surveys where all pilots will have the opportunity to participate. 
We encourage you to remain engaged—participate in hub turn meetings, family awareness events and local council meetings; read the messages published by your MEC, block representatives and committees; ask questions and seek answers from reliable sources within the union. Your MEC officers, block representatives, committee volunteers, and MEC staff are available to answer questions and provide you with credible information. As always, please submit a PDR with any issues or concerns you may have.
Pete Harmon,  MEC Chairman