Council 14 Message from MEC Chairman - 11/14/19
Council 14 Message from MEC Chairman - 11/14/19


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My fellow pilots who are HKG based: I would like to take this opportunity to communicate a few points. First and foremost, I hear your voices more than I can relate to you. It is easy to feel forgotten when more than 8,000 miles and 14 time zones separate the Hong Kong base and FDX ALPA offices in Memphis. I can assure you this perception is not reality. Your Local Council reps have been engaged with us on a regular and as-needed basis for months now. The Security Committee and your Local Council officers have been working tirelessly to stay on top of the situation and communicate vital information.
Since August 01, Council 14 has been the recipient of 22 FDX ALPA communications; more than twice as many as the next nearest council. I tell you this to emphasize HKG has been and is a priority. We have tried to avoid communicating so much that it becomes noise to be ignored. 
Here is a brief recap of some of what has occurred since August:
  • When protests began ramping up in intensity, your MEC pushed for a visit by Security and Flight Management and asked that our Security Chairman be included on the trip. By all accounts, this was a good exchange and let management and our Security Chair see first-hand the situation on the ground in HKG. 
  • We did not know what the Company contingency plans were and became concerned individuals were making their own plans without knowing whether that would fit or hinder Company plans. We asked that our Security Chair be read-in to the plans and that contingency plans be communicated to the maximum extent practical without rendering them useless. That occurred. Our Security Chair has assured us the Company contingency plans he’s seen are robust, and the shelter-in-place instructions are sufficient and credible. 
  • When pilots became concerned about the safety and security of their families in the base, we negotiated relief for pilots to be able to send their families out of the base temporarily.
  • When the temporary leave for families needed to be extended, we negotiated for that.
As the situation continues to deteriorate, we have engaged the Company again in a conversation about how untenable the situation is becoming. We are discussing how best to protect our people and families in Hong Kong. 
Your input via PDRs, e-mails, phone calls, and through your local council reps is vital and is being heard. It helps us understand the situation on the ground in the Hong Kong base, the neighborhoods you live in, and the trouble you experience in various destinations you regularly operate. We use that information in advocating for your safety, security, and quality of life.
The ALPA MEC officers and representatives are not the decision-makers for company policy. We protect the CBA, advocate for safety and security policies, and, where appropriate, negotiate changes and improvements. We are engaged at every level possible. Our Security Committee is involved and monitoring Hong Kong daily and transmitting vital information as needed.
Due to legal constraints, ALPA committee members, reps, and officers will never engage in dialogue on social media. Federal courts have held unions liable for the statements others have made; it simply isn’t good stewardship of your dues to post on social media forums where we don’t have control of the content for which we are held liable.
In closing, let me refresh a point regarding our colleague currently detained in CAN. His legal situation is tenuous. He and his family have been crystal-clear in their communication with ALPA and the Company. And being the one in jeopardy, he is the one who gets to make the decision about outside assistance. He has specifically and explicitly called for patience and respect for the process. “Do nothing.” We are all respecting this directive. He remains pay and benefits protected while accruing seniority. I talk to him several times a week to check in on his status and ensure he has everything he needs. We will support him throughout this process. Part of “having his back” at this point leaves an appearance of being uninvolved, but nothing could be further from the truth. 
In Unity,
Pete Harmon,  MEC Chairman