Council 123 Message - 11/20/19
Council 123 Message - 11/20/19


FDX 123 Update for 11-20-2019

November 20, 2019


Ladies and gentlemen of Council 123,


We would like to thank all the members who came to our Local Council meeting on Saturday. We had a great group of very engaged pilots. We especially want to thank Alex Unruh for his excellent presentation on both the P2P Committee and the Pilot Scheduling Improvement Team. We had good discussions about those two committees as well as scope, Contract 2021 prep, and CGN-specific issues. We also discussed the upcoming election for LEC 123 chairman. Secretary-Treasurer Tom Merrill will be the only named candidate on the ballot; however, there will be an option to cast a write-in vote. To cast a write-in vote, members will need to enter their candidate’s seven-digit ALPA number. The online election will be open from November 21 to December 10; we encourage everyone to vote so we can continue to show how motivated and engaged our local council is.


We value the interest and involvement that each of you brings to our council. Please continue to use the PDR system with any issues you have as it has been very effective for our union. In addition, reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you,


Jay, Sal, and Tom

Jay Owen
LEC 123 Chairman 
Sal Infante
LEC 123 Vice Chairman 
Tom Merrill
LEC 123 Secretary-Treasurer


7950 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 400 S
McLean, VA  22102
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