Council 22 Message - 11/21/19
Council 22 Message - 11/21/19


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November 21, 2019


Members of Council 22,


The election for Council 22 seats is now underway. The representatives elected will be in those seats as openers for contract negotiations are crafted and on the contract amendable date. These members need to have the drive to think long-term and look for the best value for you, the member. This job is oftentimes thankless and requires a lot of personal time, at little to no compensation. So, why do it? Because the members who have raised their hands want to make a difference for all pilots.


Also, these reps must review current committee members, as required by the Policy Manual. Having a voice at the table is to your benefit, so it is in your best interest to vote.


With that said, 11 percent participation during the nomination phase does not represent the efforts these individuals are prepared to endure or the level of importance these discussions will demand. Please take the time to vote during the elections. If you don’t, your voice may not be heard as the openers for Contract 21 negotiations are developed. Your engagement directly affects our position at the table and the level of support for the ideas you would like addressed.


Rest assured, if you do not participate, those who do will have their issues raised and their voices heard.


Please vote. It is literally as easy as clicking this link.


With retirement as the number one issue for Contract 21 and there being so much passion as to how to capture the retirement improvements you deserve, this election must have maximum participation.


In solidarity,

Capt. Brian Hoffman

Air Line Pilots Association, International


7590 Jones Branch Dr. Suite 400S

McLean, VA 22102


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