Chairman's Message - 12/3/19
Chairman's Message - 12/3/19


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As many of you are aware, there are six status block elections now underway. These democratic elections and future such elections are vital to our existence as a Union. Nonetheless, we periodically hear of actions and words which may reflect the differences of opinion inherent in a democratic union but are inconsistent with how we expect fellow pilots to treat each other. During this election season, I encourage you to participate, get informed, debate, and vote—respectfully. We specifically discourage you from personally demeaning or harassing any candidate or supporters of such candidates. Such conduct is not who we are as a union or as professional aviators. Our unity is our strength, and any disunity will be picked up and used against us, it’s as simple as that. Please do your part to remain united and protect our democratic institution.
Pete Harmon,  MEC Chairman