Chairman's Message - 8/12/20
Chairman's Message - 8/12/20


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The FDX MEC completed the 2020 third quarter meeting last week. With COVID-19 still exerting its gravitational pull on other issues, the MEC and supporting committees along with the officers and staff continue the work necessary to serve our members. In addition to the daily summaries provided last week, I wanted to put a spotlight on some key issues.  

Negotiations Survey
The MEC reviewed our progress towards Section 6 openers for May 2021. After a thorough briefing from the Negotiating Committee, the MEC approved the next survey, which will begin in the fall. This online survey will be open for several weeks with the opportunity for free text input. Given the importance of retirement demonstrated in prior surveys, we created a series of videos and podcasts that should be very helpful as you take the survey. Many pilots have found them to be helpful in understanding retirement issues, and we appreciate the feedback.
A contract comparison guide will be provided online early in 2021. This guide will be updated as we progress through bargaining to allow you to compare contract sections with industry peers.

Calls to Action
Speaking of those industry peers, it is in your direct interest that every pilot job is secure and working under an excellent contract. If you haven’t done the Calls to Action for the Payroll Support Program and bankruptcy reform, please consider taking a few minutes to help yourself and others.

Hong Kong
Management took a big step by ending layovers for domestic crews in Hong Kong. Nonetheless, the threat of unacceptable quarantine conditions still exists for Hong Kong pilots and their families. None of the smaller improvements recently agreed upon remove the need for management to find a solution suitable for these families.

A number of families have inquired about the exit provisions in Paragraph P of the FDA LOA as well as how to use the Return Travel provisions recently extended. If you have any questions about your situation, please fill out a PDR.

Stress isn’t new to our lives or our careers. Given the current environment, stress levels are unfortunately worsening for many of us. An increase in calls to the Pilot Assistance Team Hotline (PATH) is a clear indicator. PATH was created in 2015 to provide a source for pilots seeking physiological, psychological, or medical assistance through pilot peers that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to guide their coworkers to available resources. All calls made to PATH are confidential.

Through numerous interactions with management, I have informed them of the increase in PATH calls. Management must do more to mitigate the extreme conditions being placed upon the pilots.  

Scheduling and Fatigue
Similarly, the scheduling difficulties created by COVID-19 and lots of extra flying can take a toll.  The onslaught of trip revisions and x-pairings occur outside of the normal line building and fatigue reviews. Not surprisingly, fatigue calls are way up.  

Some pilots have written PDRs regretting taking too many extensions or extra trips. All of us want FedEx to be successful, but everyone has their individual limit. Unfortunately, the person least likely to recognize they are fatigued is the person who is fatigued. Discuss your fatigue mitigation strategies with one another and take care of your crew.

Professional Standards
Trip revisions, family issues, fatigue, hotel lockdowns, etc., are really creating a difficult work environment. A negative interaction with a fellow pilot could be because they are dealing with one of these problems. Unfortunately, we have seen instances where issues that could be handled internally by your ALPA ProStans Committee are instead taken to management. I urge all of you to give ProStans a chance first.

Membership and Mentorship
Our Membership Committee started our mentorship program with the October 2018 new-hire class. New hires are provided a mentor to help them transition to life at FedEx. Feedback is that both the mentors and the mentees feel like they benefit from participating. New-hire classes are scheduled to continue, and we would happily train additional volunteers. This is an excellent unity building opportunity and a rewarding way to be involved. To sign up to be a mentor, please complete the online form

Pilot Unity Building
We recently held a number of Pilot Unity Building (PUB) events online with IND, ANC, CGN, and LAX. We will continue these events to provide a venue for dialogue with the officers, representatives, and committee chairs. It was nice that pilots on layover could join as well.

As chairman, I am committed to providing you opportunities for your voice to be heard. Unity requires establishing a common goal and working together. Please look for a PUB event for your block in the weeks ahead. I’ll see you there.

In Unity, 
David Chase,  MEC Chairman