"Know Your Benefits" - July 24, 2012
"Know Your Benefits" - July 24, 2012


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In This Issue:

Message from MEC Vice Chairman John Cardaci

Negotiating Committee Update

Seniority Realignment

Memphis Family Awareness Event a Success!

Industry News

Local Council News

Committee News

Miscellaneous News

July & August Disputed Pairings






July 24, 2012

Short Takes

  • MEM Family Awareness Day a huge success
  • P2P network is up and running; find a red lanyard and get plugged in to see what's new
  • Negotiating Committee met with management for 3 days last week; see update below
  • FedEx Council 26 Officer Election ballot now open; see below
  • Captain Russell Sklenka elected as the new Block 3 Representative
  • Captain Jon Omey elected as the interim Block 10 (HKG) Representative
  • To sign up for ALPA-PAC, click here.

Message from MEC Vice Chairman
Captain John Cardaci

I came across a great book a few years ago that I think most aviators would like. The title of the book was, “Failure Is Not An Option,” by Gene Kranz. Gene Kranz was the NASA Director of Mission Operations during the Space Program. In that book, I saw many parallels to what we are trying to accomplish here at ALPA. The parallels have to do with the challenges that lie ahead and how we can conquer them.

Gene writes that in the beginning nobody thought they could actually land a man on the moon. Computers only existed in laboratories, a communication network was nonexistent, and the average age of a NASA engineer was 26. If that were not enough, the rockets they were testing kept blowing up!

So how did they do it? What was the secret to their success? Gene attributes it to the culture that was imbedded in the organization. This culture was characterized by discipline, morale, toughness, competence, commitment, and teamwork. Gene said, “These were the characteristics that got us to the moon.” Additionally, Gene said, “There was a constant drive for excellence as an individual and a leader.” He went on to say that the people he dealt with had egos the size of a football field, and it was difficult to try and get them to work together. In Gene’s own words, “We knew that success would only come as a team, so we became one, and learned to check our egos at the door every day.”

Here is the biggest takeaway. While as a group nobody believed they could accomplish the goal of landing a man on the moon, individually each man decided that failure would not come because of them. It was this individual commitment and teamwork that resulted in a successful landing on the moon. The last time I checked, we are not trying to land a man on the moon. We are trying to get a world class agreement. I know we have many challenges ahead, but imagine the possibilities that exist if we try and follow the examples of teamwork and individual commitment described by Gene Kranz. I’m not asking anyone to blast off in a rocket, all I’m asking is that you wear your lanyard and pin and donate $2.00/month to the PAC. This is how we start to build a team.

In closing, let me say this: Individually, I am willing to state, if we don’t get the world class agreement we know we deserve, it won’t be because of me. Now, if I can get the rest of you to make the same commitment we can’t lose. Don’t believe me? Just ask Gene. Remember, failure is not an option.

In Unity,

John Cardaci

Negotiating Committee Update

Last week, we met with the Company for three days, July 16-18. In preparation for this round of interim talks, our subject matter experts in training dissected Section 11 to see where improvements for both instructors and students are needed and how we can get them. Unfortunately, the Company was not prepared to move forward with Section 11 this month and talks on this section did not materialize.


The first session began with an ALPA counter-proposal on Section 5 (Traveling Expenses). The main discussion revolves around catering parameters. The Company followed with a counter-proposal involving several FDA ongoing implementation issues. We are very close to agreement on several items here.


The next session included an ALPA counter-proposal on Section 8 (Deadheading). This is an important section to a vast majority of our pilots. It has been discussed at several sessions. Our priority hasn’t changed in this section: accepted fares, deadhead deviation banks, and class of service all must be positively addressed if we are to be successful. The remainder of the day was spent on the Company’s counter-proposal on Section 26 (General). These talks included topics like uniforms, manuals, and new hire briefings. As part of the Section 26 discussion, ALPA proposed changes in jumpseat administration which would bring us in line with best industry practices.


In our last day of talks, the Company discussed their concept involving the use of reserve pilots for simulator support. As we articulated to the Company, this subject raises numerous concerns including certification jeopardy for the supporting pilot. The Company concluded the talks with an introductory presentation on the B-767 implementation in anticipation of the first revenue flight in November 2013. We will provide a detailed briefing to the MEC at the upcoming 3rd Quarter MEC meeting in August. This presentation does not trigger any of the Section 26.K. (pay rate) timelines.


In closing the session, we presented the Company with future dates for interim talks beyond the August session already confirmed. While there was some good work done last week, we were frustrated by the Company’s failure to present their opening proposal in Section 11. In August, we reasonably expect to see progress on the existing topics and the introduction of issues and sections not yet discussed. Part of our contribution will be an opening discussion on the Reserve portion of Section 25. We’ll let you know as the Company responds.


Stay informed and get involved. This is OUR contract.




Scott, Bill, and Andrew

Seniority Realignment

Below is the new list of block assignments based on the seniority number realignment.

Block 1 - Seniority Numbers 1-544
Block 2 - Seniority Numbers 545-1072
Block 3 - Seniority Numbers 1073-1671
Block 4 - Seniority Numbers 1672-2253
Block 5 - Seniority Numbers 2254-2765
Block 6 - Seniority Numbers 2767-3288
Block 7 - Seniority Numbers 3289-3822
Block 8 - Seniority Numbers 3824 - last


MEM Family Awareness Event a Success!

Spearheaded by the work of the Family Awareness Committee, the MEC hosted an event at the Memphis Zoo this past weekend. Joined by their families, pilots socialized with fellow pilots and MEC representatives while enjoying the sights and sounds of the zoo. Children were also able to enjoy such activities as coloring, air brush tattoos and face painting. Despite the heat and humidity, over 300 hundred people attended[b1] .


“We designed this event as a way to embrace our pilots’ families and continue our commitment of ongoing communication with our pilots’ families,” said Captain Scott Stratton, MEC Chairman. “We recognize the integral role family support plays. This event allowed many of us the opportunity to interact and connect face-to-face with our pilots and their families.”


Family Awareness Committee Chairman First Officer Pat Meagher and his wife Keri want to personally thank each family for attending. “I feel it’s important for us to get together as a group, connect with our fellow pilots and their families all while having a little fun,” explained First Officer Meagher. “The support of our families is crucial to our role as pilots and what better way to thank our families than doing something fun at the zoo. Thanks to all for coming out.”



Industry News

CAL, UAL Pilots Vote Overwhelmingly to Authorize Strike

Earnings Preview: UPS Reporting 2Q Results

Union to US Airways: Get Serious About our Contracts

SLC, DEN Now Offer KCM

UPS Misses Estimates, Cuts 2012 Outlook; Shares Fall

Focus Customs, Immigration Resources on U.S. Gateways

FAA Issues New Rule on Medical Certification

Proposal Would Give Pilots Big Stake in American Airlines

Stressed-out Skies: Labor Issues Rampant at Major Airlines

ALPA on Capitol Hill

ALPA Daily

ALPA Air Safety Forum

ALPA Family Member Awarded Union Plus Scholarship


Local Council News:

Council 26 Officer Election Ballot Now Open
Upcoming MEM Joint Council Meeting

Council 26 Officer Election Ballot Now Open

The Council 26 Officer election ballot to determine who will now be the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary Treasurer from among the three seniority block representatives (Blocks 3, 6, & 11) opened up for voting on Monday, July 23rd at 10 a.m ET. The ballot will close on Friday, August 10th at 10 a.m. ET. Ballot information letters have been mailed to all eligible voting members along with an email notification with voting instructions to all eligible voters with a valid email address on file.


Upcoming MEM Joint Council Meeting

The MEM Joint Council Meeting will be held at the Germantown Centre (1801 Exeter Road) on Wednesday, August 22 beginning at 10 a.m. Below is a current list of scheduled presenters:

Scott Larsen - Negotiating Committee Chairman
Zack Mooneyham - ALPA Government Affairs
Bill Parrot - Charles Schwab Financial Consultant

Individual Local Council meetings for Councils 7, 22 and 26 will follow immediately after the Joint Council Meeting.

Committee News:

Know Your Benefits
Family Awareness Committee News
Charles Schwab Representative Available After Joint Council Meeting
Retirement Counseling Seminars
From the R&I Committee
New Committees
Important Message from the Aeromedical Committee

Know Your Benefits

The R&I Committee recently received a question regarding the Iraq/Afghanistan Letter of Agreement (LOA). The questioner believed there to be a common misunderstanding of the verbiage contained in the LOA under Section A.5.b regarding the insurance and other benefit coverage provided under this paragraph, so we thank him for the opportunity to clarify.


Section A.5.b states:

From the standpoint of the Company sponsored insurance and benefit plans in which a pilot participates, a pilot who suffers bodily harm or illness while on FedEx business in Iraq or Afghanistan shall be covered to the same extent as if he were flying into any other international destination on FedEx business.

The use of “Company sponsored” is intended to clarify that Company sponsored insurance and benefits will be paid treating this flying in an identical manner as any other FedEx business. The only exception is that the prior paragraph, Section A.5.a, allows for $200,000 additional Accidental Death & Disability coverage.

Section A.5.b of the LOA is not intended to provide Company coverage for any personal insurance policies that individual pilots may have obtained. For instance, if an individual has an exclusion in their personal life insurance policy for death or injury in a warzone, this section is not intended to provide coverage on that individual policy.

The Company sponsored life insurance plans do not have an exclusion for death or injury that occurs in a warzone outside of the United States. For those pilots who have the FDX MEC Life Plan, please be aware that this policy does not have an exclusion for death in a warzone. For all other ALPA plans, you may contact Member Insurance at (800) 746-2572.


Family Awareness Committee News

ANC - Family Awareness event planned for 18 August at the Alaska Zoo. All come out and spend some time with your fellow northern brethren and enjoy the nice weather. ANC always knows how to put on a party. For more information about this event, please contact ANC Regional Family Awareness Coordinator Jade Beam at

No Experience Required - How often do you see that? We need members to get involved in our union. Family Awareness is a great way to get involved and learn more about what is going on in your future and help support each others' families. Any and all are welcome and needed and absolutely no experience is required. Please contact F/O Pat Meagher at or volunteer by visiting the Family Awareness Committee page at

Thank you your time!

Pat Meagher
Family Awareness Committee Chairman


Charles Schwab Representative Available After Joint Council Meeting

The R&I Committee is proud to announce the return of a special guest speaker at the upcoming Joint Council meeting on August 22nd. Bill Parrott, a Charles Schwab Vice President and Executive Services Financial Consultant, will discuss the products and services that Schwab, through the preferred relationship with ALPA, can offer our pilots free or at a discount, and how they can integrate with our collectively bargained benefits from FedEx.

Mr. Parrott will once again be available for one-hour, one-on-one sessions following the Joint Council meeting on the afternoon of August 22nd, all day on the 23rd and on the morning of the 24th. Mr. Parrott is one of Schwab’s twelve top-tier Executive Services Financial Consultants who service the financial needs for the pilots of ALPA. This will be a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with him to learn about or take advantage of all that our preferred relationship with Schwab has to offer.

These meetings were extremely popular last year and will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Appointments are highly recommended to ensure a slot. Any remaining slots will be on a space-available basis. Appointments can be reserved with Sally Oliver at 1-866-339-2572.

Click here for the Schwab Executive Services Brochure
Click here for Mr. Parrott's bio

Retirement Counseling Seminars

The next Retirement Counseling Seminars will be held on August 8th and August 16th from 2:00-5:00 Central Time at the FDX MEC Office, 1770 Kirby Parkway, Suite 300, Memphis, TN.

For pilots who are unable to attend in person, we will provide access to the seminar via teleconference. In order to streamline the seminars and to ensure the highest level of counseling, we are limiting each seminar to 25 pilots. Spouses are welcome to attend. To register for a Retirement Counseling Seminar, you will need to call the FDX MEC Office at 1-866-339-2572 (or 901-752-8749 in Memphis). Please be prepared to provide your ALPA member number. Since the seminars fill up quickly, you should register as soon as possible.


From the R&I Committee

Almost two years ago, the R&I Committee created group Retirement Seminars to be provided by our Benefits Specialists. We are proud of the product and the feedback has been tremendous. The FedEx ALPA unit is the only ALPA unit that attempts to meet the needs of their retiring pilots by providing regular organized seminars.

At this point, it is appropriate to remind all pilots seeking to attend a Retirement Seminar that they are designed for members in good standing planning to retire within the next two years. We announce the Seminars in the Positive Rate each month before the close of the bids. Each pilot wishing to attend must sign up in advance. Pilots are encouraged to attend with their spouse if they wish; however, we ask that you not attempt to bring your financial advisor to these Seminars. This is not the correct forum, nor is there sufficient space for pilots to attend with a financial advisor.

New Committees

At the 2nd Quarter Regularly Scheduled MEC Meeting, the MEC established a new MEC Committee, the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Committee. This committee will be tasked to ensure that the MEC is kept fully apprised of all regulatory and industrial actions that deal with UAS operations in the national air system. To man this committee, the MEC is seeking individuals who are keen to be a part of a growing aspect in the air transportation industry. The committee will work closely with the Legislative Affairs, Central Air Safety and Security Committees to name few. Qualified applicants should have a background in UAS operations. Please contact MEC Secretary-Treasurer Capt Sean McDonald at if you are interested.

Please click here to read an article entitled, "Buying into Aviation's Unmanned Future."

At the upcoming August MEC meeting, the MEC will be considering to form a new committee titled “Dangerous Goods” Committee. As one would expect, this committee’s focus will be on the carriage and handling of dangerous goods on our aircraft, providing the MEC with subject matter experts in DG. Those pilots who are interested in working on this committee, please contact MEC Secretary-Treasurer Captain Sean McDonald at 

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Important Message from the Aeromedical Committee

To all crewmembers, 

Starting in October 2012, the FAA is going paperless with regard to the completion and submission of your Application for Airman Medical Certificate (FAA Form 8500-8). If you have a Medical due after October 1, you will be required to go online and complete a new application form prior to your AME office appointment. 

This is how it works: Go online to

Follow the prompts. The form you fill out online is identical to the 8500-8 FAA Form that you fill out in the office when you visit your AME. After you complete this online form, print it, and then save it. Your confirmation number will be at the bottom of the page. Bring the printed form and the confirmation number to your AME's office with you. The confirmation number will allow your AME to access the completed form online and add the results of your medical exam. Your examiner can then transmit both to the FAA in OKC. MedXpress will only retain your application information for 60 days before deleting it. So, make sure you wait until within 60 days of your intended visit.

Most importantly, take the opportunity to get a copy of your last paper application (FAA Form 8500-8) to use as a guide. This will assist you in ensuring accuracy and matching information on your new online FAA application. During this transition to online reporting, a Medical history response of “Previously Reported” will not be accepted. You must write a small description of the illness, disability, or surgery. 

The ALPA Aeromedical Flyer for SEP/OCT 2009 has a detailed article for complying with Reporting Requirements on FAA Medical Applications. This ALPA Aeromedical Flyer is a great reference for your Medical Visit needs and is available in PDF format on your FedEx ALPA website under the Aeromedical Committee page.

If you have any questions please contact me on my cell, 410-641-2275, or my email:

Captain Ross Kendall
FedEx MEC Aeromedical Chairman

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Miscellaneous News:

Thank You Veterans Cruise

Thank You Veterans Cruise

To our friends and supporters of veterans:

Please help us provide a memorable event to thank the Central Florida veterans returning from their recent tour of duty in the Middle East.

So many of these citizen soldier veterans are returning to their community only to discover that their job has disappeared and their family is in financial distress. They find that they simply cannot pick up where they left off over a year ago. While there are several organizations to help these veterans, the Corporal Larry E. Smedley National Vietnam War Museum would like give the Central Florida community the opportunity to thank them by sponsoring a very memorable event - a three day cruise to the Bahamas. The Museum’s goal is offer 500 free rooms to returning veterans and their spouse or special someone. We then hope that veterans who have served in previous conflicts will purchase tickets to join them and fill the remaining rooms on the ship. This event would be an enjoyable, stress free three days to look forward to.

The cruise will take place aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines ship Monarch of the Seas, sailing from Port Canaveral on Friday, December 7th, 2012 (Pearl Harbor Day).

How can you help us?

We invite you to become a Program Contributor. Please refer to the accompanying information flyer.

For more information, please call Al Schroeder, Advisor to the Museum Board and Program Manager, at 407 679 6674.

Please visit (website currently under construction).

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July & August Disputed Pairings

July Disputed Pairings 

MD-11 ANC:


MD-11 MEM:


757 CGN:


777 MEM:


August Disputed Pairings 

MD-11 ANC:



757 CGN:


777 MEM:



A-300 MEM:



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This email is brought to you by the FDX MEC. Any questions or comments can be sent to, FDX MEC Communications Specialist.


 [b1]I will add a few pictures from the event