Frontier Airlines - Updated Policies & Information
Frontier Airlines - Updated Policies & Information




CASS Carrier


Frontier Airlines (F9) operates Airbus 319, 320 & 321 aircraft with two cockpit jumpseats. Pilot crew bases are DEN, ORD and MCO flying to U.S. and International destinations. We welcome pilots then dispatchers from airlines we have reciprocal agreements with on a first come, first serve, at the gate availability. We HIGHLY recommend listing online prior to check-in. The number of jumpeaters are limited only by the number of cabin seats available, plus the two cockpit jumpseats.


ACMs MUST check-in / request a “ride” with the CAPTAIN regardless of Cockpit or cabin seat assignment


If occupying the actual jumpseat - you must present your credentials to the captain, please have your documents in hand

Domestic - OAL/ACM are allowed in the cabin (CASS not required) or in the cockpit with CASS approval. Pilots occupying the cockpit are required present company ID, certificate, and current medical. Arrive and check-in at the gate no later than twenty minutes prior to departure.


international (Applicable taxes will be charged) - OAL/ACM are allowed in the cabin only. Check-in at the ticket counter or service center no later than one hour prior to departure to pay taxes and check-in at the gate no later than forty-five minutes prior to departure.


flight attendant jumpseat - Frontier crew members may occupy the flight attendant jumpseat, offline crews are prevented from occupying the flight attendant jumpseat per FAA.

ATTIRE - Uniform, business or business casual required.


RECOMMEND LISTING - Listing for a flight is HIGHLY recommended. Frontier uses ID90TRAVEL (different than myidtravel). If your requested to create a user/log in, you are not in the correct place.

List via as shown below.

Select Login (top right)

Airline: Enter your airline

Employee Number: xxemp (all lower case xx = your airline two letter/digit code)

Password: ### (three digit prefix)

Finding/Selecting Flights

Select Flights from the top 

Under the Listing Tool Tab (may be grayed out)

Reason for travel = Pilot Commuting

Transporting Airline = Frontier (F9)

Select segments(s)

Enter Employee Information

Pilots employed by airlines not listed on ID90 may be able to call the Frontier Airlines reservation number at (800) 432-1359 to list.


Routes, schedules and flight information can be found at . We are sorry there is no way to provide load information for non-employees at this time.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Frontier Airlines’ FAPA Jumpseat Coordinators through your airlines jumpseat committee.