FDX MEC Lithium Battery Resolution - 11/11/15
FDX MEC Lithium Battery Resolution - 11/11/15


During last week's 4th quarter MEC meeting, FDX ALPA passed a resolution calling on FedEx to follow the spirit and intent of the recommendations of our aircraft manufacturers and other industry experts and conduct a Safety Risk Assessment of the handling and carriage of high density lithium battery shipments. To view the resolution, please click here.

This is a complex and multi-faceted process affecting almost every phase of FedEx operations. Early conversations with those in positions of responsibility indicate that FedEx is moving in the right direction. Of note is the fact that FDX ALPA’s Dangerous Goods Committee members are being invited to participate in the aircraft loading Safety Risk Assessment process. We urge all of our members to remain attentive as we let this process work. We will keep you informed and provide updates as steps of the Risk Assessment are completed and the risk mitigation strategies are put in place.

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