Peak and Fatigue 2015 (Positive Rate article) - 12/8/15
Peak and Fatigue 2015 (Positive Rate article) - 12/8/15



Please continue to monitor your fatigue level during the next few weeks. Delays will certainly happen as they have done so many times during previous peak seasons. 

Contact the Duty Officer and let them know how you are doing. If you need to get rest, let the D.O. know.

Hopefully, the new Wake-up system will allow you to sleep closer to your actual show time. The extra 20-30 minutes of sleep you gain during a sort delay can be critical, especially if you are later revised.

We do a great job every night with all of the years of experience we have. Pass on your tips to the new hires, as they join us on the line. Food, gum, caffeine, white noise, earplugs, etc. are examples of tools we use during flights and layovers. Keep submitting the PORs about hotels and/or other issues that are hindering your rest during the week.

As always, talk to each other and discuss your fatigue level. When we know what to expect from each other, we have better teamwork. Don’t hint and hope—Communication is key. 

Rest Easy,

Pat Hagerty
Fatigue Risk Management Chairman