Negotiating Committee Update - 3/16/16
Negotiating Committee Update - 3/16/16


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March 16, 2016

The Company has completed automation for Sec 25.M.6.i.- reserve assignment options. Specifically, the pilot now has the ability to declare to CRS his willingness to accept a reserve assignment beyond the end of his block of R-days. The automation gives the pilot an option to select either "Yes" or "No" and if selecting yes, the ability to list the number of days willing to extend.

If the pilot accepts the assignment, that portion of the trip that extended beyond his scheduled block of R-days shall be compensated as provided in Section 4.H.9. (150% calculated like a carryover trip). It's important to note that this option does not preclude CRS from utilizing Sec 25.M.6.h. That language allows CRS to remove 1 R-day from the beginning or end of a subsequently scheduled block of R-days in the same bid period and add that day to the end of a reserve pilot's current block of R-days in order to complete a reserve assignment with some new restrictions. No more than 1 R-day per line, per bid period, may be moved without a pilot's approval. If this happens, you are entitled to the new 3 CH disruption pay in addition to your RLG via a pay log. Automation for this disruption is scheduled as a Phase 4 implementation item.

Below are VIPS screenshots to view the selection of both options, as well as the confirmation screen. Presently, there's no summary screen in VIPS to view what selections were entered after you exit the input screen.

From VIPS home select: Activities, R-Day Extension Preferences

Select "Yes" or "No" to extend. If "No," select "Submit."

If selecting "Yes" to extend, enter number of days and then "Submit."


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