Negotiating Committee Update - 3/30/16
Negotiating Committee Update - 3/30/16


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March 30, 2016

CBA News You Can Use

In an ongoing effort to educate the membership, the Negotiating Committee would like to highlight modifications that have occurred as a result of CBA implementation phase completion. Implementation questions can be directed to or 901-842-2210 or 2211.

25.L. (Phase III, Misc. on Implementation LOA) – Open Time Display – Ident Subm in queue

The Company has completed the automation necessary for pilots to observe Trades Pending for available trips found in open time. This milestone was completed ahead of the Phase III target and is now available for use. The Trades Pending column provides the pilot information regarding the number of total requests made against an open trip and in that total the number of those requests that have a priority pay category. Simply make an Open Time inquiry at Home > VIPS Home > Open Time and the information will be displayed as part of the usual open time output.

Since the CRS system must process the request and may disapprove a pending request from another pilot because of manning or contractual limitations, a number greater than zero in the Trades Pending column DOES NOT guarantee that a given trip is unavailable. It simply allows the pilot the opportunity to see pending activity for a specific trip and provide some measure of predictability when requesting Bid Period Adjustments.

25.A.8. (Phase III, Misc. on Implementation LOA) – Open RSV leveling viewing

The Company has completed the automation necessary for ALL pilots to view Reserve Leveling, without regard to crew position or line award. This milestone was completed ahead of the Phase III target and is now available for use. In order to view Reserve Leveling Position submit the appropriate inputs at Home > VIPS Home > Reserve Leveling Position.

The output will present the information at that specific moment in time. Aligned with prior practice, pilots with blocked calendars will have their names, employee numbers, and trip information removed from the output, however their leveling position, First Fly status, leveling hours, and RLG information will remain visible.

Reminder for Secondary Line Holders:

Did you know that once the View/Add Window closes and carry-in adjustment make-up is awarded, open time is “refreshed?” A secondary liner holder can see what is actually in open time after the refresh.  Please take advantage of this and edit your secondary line preferences, if needed, by going back to the Secondary Line Worksheet. If you have any questions please contact Contract Enforcement at or 901-842-2210 or 2211.



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