Secretary Treasurer's Message - 5/20/16
Secretary Treasurer's Message - 5/20/16


After receiving some updated information from ALPA National Membership and the company, a few corrections to my recent Secretary Treasurer’s Message are in order. The corrected information is underlined below.

Currently, dues are charged in arrears (i.e. May 15th dues charge is based on April earnings) on each 15th of the month paycheck. In accordance with CBA 2015 Section 29.B.4, ALPA dues will be charged on your 15th and end of month paychecks. Per the 2015 CBA, dues will now be based on the current check’s earnings. The good news is you will have a more accurate dues bill and we should see a reduction in the size of outstanding dues balances for pilots going on or returning from leaves of absence or other interruptions in active service. The bad news is you will have a larger (approximately 1.5 times normal) dues hit on your June 15th paycheck as we transition to the new provision. You will see May dues (in arrears) and June 15th dues (based on June 15th income) both being pulled from the June 15th paycheck. On your June end of month paycheck the transition will be complete, and you will be charged dues based each check’s income onwards. Your insurance or dues arrangement deductions are currently pulled on the 15th paycheck and will remain on that schedule.

If you desire to update your dues check off (paycheck deduction for dues) please click hereto download a form to send to ALPA National Membership. If you desire to stop dues check off, you can email Membership Administration at or call 1-888-359-2572, option 3. Please note, however, that stopping dues check off would not affect your obligation to pay dues, assessments or service charges.

In accordance with the CBA 2015 Lump Sum signing letter, the second installment of your retro signing bonus will be paid on your June 15th paycheck. This should help ease the pain of the dues transition described above. Due to limitations in Company programming, the second installment will be labeled “Bonus/Recruitment/Signing” on your paystubs.

First Officer Rich Zins
FedEx MEC Secretary Treasurer

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