From the Scheduling Committee - 10/13/16
From the Scheduling Committee - 10/13/16


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Pairing Construction, Safety & Quality of Life

Our current system form includes 7 separate aircraft/base bid packs which have some share of the domestic flying. This has resulted in a more fragmented and constrained system form that has caused greater variation in the way our pairings are constructed and subsequently our lines are built. The segment pieces that once were traditionally together in one bidpack are not all there and now the remaining pieces don’t fit together as well in order to achieve reasonable crewforce desires for line construction as well as safety and quality of life. Increases in 767 and 777 flying with the corresponding shrinking of the A300 and MD bid packs, negatively impact the domestic flying jigsaw puzzle—especially within the MD and A300 bid packs. These operations now have less connectivity options compared to when there was no 767 or 777. This is exacerbated further with one-way routing and gauge swaps on city pairs within a week of flying.

We understand that isn’t positive news, and potentially puts a burden on each of us, whether managing fatigue or attempting to achieve quality flying. Many of these changes have resulted in an increase in pairings with two legs in or out of the hub, short layovers, and airport hotels. These changes are constantly in flux, and as such we are in need of data and feedback to better identify the problem pairings on these issues. We know with certainty that our “quality of life” has a legitimate place at our company, especially considering that we have the most challenging system form of any airline. We are also aware that this constant change fatigue could be increasing exposure regarding our ability to operate safely.

Help us help you—here is what we need you to do when scheduling issues/questions arise. Contact your PSIT as they are the best source for knowledge on how or why a scheduling issue is the way it is. There are two ways to reach out to the PSIT: 

  1. ALPA Scheduling PIREP link found on the FDX MEC home page under Committees L-Z, Scheduling. This form helps characterize the nature of the issue, whether pairing design issue, line construction or simply a fatigue problem. 
  2. In the SIG Notes every month, there are the e-mail distribution lists for each respective PSIT. You can narrate your concern in an e-mail, and those PSIT members who reviewed the pairings or built the lines for that month can help address your question(s).

Questions or issues that are within the purview of the ALPA SIG/PSIT are many times one’s that need management’s attention. So, while articulating the problem to us (ALPA SIG/PSIT), please also craft an Insite report to put this into management’s court for answering. When you receive a response, forward it to the ALPA SIG/PSIT so we have it for action in the CBA processes associated with the SIG (Section 25.BB). That way everyone has the same information and can speak plainly about resolving it without gaps of knowledge or information.

It’s really pretty simple:

  1. ALPA Scheduling Pirep
  2. Contact your PSIT rep if you want to speak about the issue
  3. File a FDX Insite report
  4. File an ASAP report if safety is an issue

Thanks very much for connecting with your ALPA SIG/PSIT—your reps for all things scheduling.

ALPA Scheduling Committee
Rich Hughey, Chairman
Marty Harrington, Vice Chairman

Hong Kong A300
Brandon Viuhkola

Anchorage MD11
Brian Lessin
Jeff Sparks

Memphis A300
Mike Pearcy
Harry Edwards
Curt Henry

Los Angeles MD11
Chip Brown
Cody Chenoweth

Cologne B757
Tim Harp
James Capeless

Memphis MD11
Charlie Sutton
Dan Opp
Pat Rink
Harley Troyer

Memphis B757
Matt Gandy
JD Oliver
Paul Hanson

Memphis B777
Greg Hall
Pat Hagerty
Amadee Pepper
Jon Casello

Hong Kong B767
Chris Womick
Jim Ingalls

Trip Services
Mark Stafiej, Trip Services Chairman
Mike Pearcy, Trip Services Vice Chairman

Indianapolis B767
Teresa Payton

Fatigue Risk Management Committee (FRMC)
Pat Hagerty, FRMC Chairman 
Rob Bassett, ALPA FRMC Vice-Chairman

Memphis B767
Matt Gandy
JD Oliver
Paul Hanson
Andrew Hall




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