From the Negotiating Committee - 10/14/16
From the Negotiating Committee - 10/14/16


Ongoing Implementation Measures

In order to keep the pilots informed of the on-going efforts of your negotiating committee on various issues we would like to advise you of recently accomplished work.  This is in addition to the effort that is currently underway in evaluating our retirement plan and maintaining the oversight and coordination of the implementation of the newly bargained Agreement.

In May, the MEC directed your negotiating committee to identify and prioritize various problems within the FDAs.  Some items stemming from potential grievances and others identified by the FDA pilots and brought forward by the HKG and CGN Block Representatives.  In addition to the FDA items brought forth, another item was raised by the Trip Services Committee in regards to credit for work performed inspecting our layover, or potential layover hotels.

The Trip Services Committee MOU puts in place a process that will provide a pilot who performs a company requested hotel inspection to either have a trip dropped for credit or cash payment in the event trip removal is not possible.  After the MOU is signed, we’ll publish the agreement.

After a series of meetings with FedEx Labor Relations, we reached agreements on the following items:

  1. Education Reimbursement (FDA LOA, para. G.1.) and “Kindergeld” (German Child Credit).
    1. Click here to view the agreement.

  2. CGN FDA ground transportation reimbursement
    1. Click here to view the agreement.

If you have any questions regarding the above agreements, please feel free to contact us at or


FedEx ALPA Negotiating Committee
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