Council 22 Message - 1/10/17
Council 22 Message - 1/10/17


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Council 22 Members,

Please take a few moments to read the important information below—some items may require action on your part.

Do You Have a Casualty Assistant Liaison (CAL)?

We have seen instances where a crewmember had a serious accident or died and did not have a Casualty Assistant Liaison (CAL) designated. This has resulted in substantial delays in properly helping families during an extremely stressful situation. Please make designating a CAL your number one priority today. It takes just two minutes and it's easy to do and 100% necessary. For more information on designating a CAL, please click here.

Vanguard - Important Action Item

Last week, Vanguard sent an email regarding the combining of two retirement accounts into one. In case you missed it, the Vanguard communication indicated that you will need to re-elect your beneficiary(ies) for the newly merged PRSP. Click here for instructions on how to re-elect your beneficiary(ies).

The R&I Commitee published a communication last Friday regarding this information as well as other important information. If you haven't had a chance to read this communication, please click here.

Upcoming MEC and Joint Council Meeting

The MEC will be meeting in Memphis the week of January 30-February 3. The Memphis Joint Council Meeting will be held at the Germantown Centre on Wednesday, February 1. Please send us your thoughts regarding agenda items for this meeting.

Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Jim Mumby
LEC 22 Chairman
Block 2 Rep
Jamie Morton
LEC 22 Vice Chairman
Block 5 Rep
Fred Galey
LEC 22 Secretary/Treasurer
Block 7 Rep


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