Council 26 Message - 1/30/17
Council 26 Message - 1/30/17


Fellow Council 26 Members,

We are pleased to announce that your MEC Officers: Chairman Chuck Dyer, Vice Chairman John Cardaci, and Secretary Treasurer Rich Zins have been re-elected by acclamation by your MEC today.

There were no other candidates for any of these offices. We see both the act of voting by acclamation and the fact that no other candidates were proffered as evidence of a union leadership that is working well together.

We know how divisive the crew room was immediately following the CBA ratification vote. We hope you are seeing tangible evidence of a union rebuilding for the next negotiating opportunity. We are excited by the future for our pilots and their families.

Michael Arcamuzi
Block 11 Representative

Pete Harmon
Block 3 Representative

Anita Shew
Block 6 Representative


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