Council 123 Message - 2/10/17
Council 123 Message - 2/10/17


February 2017

In the EMEA, our pilots with reserve schedules have experienced the scheduling of an involuntary conversion line into a secondary line. The authority for this is found in the Feb 28, 2011 CBA, Section 25.D.4., which states:

Conversion Lines

a. A conversion line is a reserve line that has been converted into a secondary line as provided in this paragraph. Conversion lines shall be constructed after the construction of all secondary lines and in seniority order among those pilots submitting for conversion. 

b. A pilot's bid may contain a submission for conversion of his reserve line, if awarded. 

c. If a pilot submits a line construction worksheet that identifies certain days off to be protected, his reserve line shall not be voluntarily converted unless those days off are protected. 

d. A pilot who has submitted for a voluntary conversion line shall contact VIPS within 3 days prior to the commencement of the bid period to determine if his line was converted. 

e. Involuntary Conversion Lines 

i. The Company may involuntarily assign conversion lines if: (a) more than 5% of the total CH value of trips from the bid period package exists in open time after construction of voluntary conversion lines, or (b) there are trips remaining in open time that operate over New Year's Eve and Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve and Day.

ii. Involuntary conversion lines will be assigned until the thresholds established in Section 25.D.4.e.i.(a) and (b) no longer exist. 

iii. Pilots shall be selected for such assignment in reverse seniority order. The additional conversion lines shall then be assigned in seniority order among those pilots. The number of reserve lines involuntarily converted may not exceed 50% of the total published reserve lines remaining after voluntary conversions. A pilot whose reserve line has been involuntarily converted shall be notified of the conversion as soon as practical. 

f. Conversion lines shall comply with the provisions of Section 25.D.1.b. through D.1.e. (above). If a conversion line cannot reasonably be constructed entirely of trips, it may be constructed of trips and R-days. 

g. The assignment of a conversion line may not conflict with a trip that began in the previous month.

What you need to know:

    1. Section 25.D.4. of the Collective Bargaining Agreement dated Feb 28, 2011 is the reference. Note: any information regarding this is not found in the Collective Bargaining Agreement dated November 2, 2015. Reference Implementation Schedule, line item 120, we are still subject to 25.D.4. The recent SIG notes commented on the Secondary Line Software implementation, which is tied to the removal of involuntary conversions. A completion date is still unknown at this time. 

    2. Reserve lines can be voluntarily or involuntarily converted to a secondary line.

    3. If it cannot be reasonably constructed entirely of trips, a converted line can be constructed with a combination of reserve days and trips. 

    4. If a pilot bids and is awarded a reserve line that conflicts with a previously held carry-over trip/r-days and does NOT select min days off, a reserve conversion line can contain a full new schedule in addition to the carry-over and any recurrent training due that month.

    5. A pilot that voluntarily converts their line has the ability to make preferences. If days off preferences are made and they cannot be honored, the reserve line will not be voluntarily converted. 

    6. A pilot can be involuntarily converted with training in the same bid period.

    7. Those who have their reserve line involuntarily converted may only have it done when certain open time parameters have been exceeded.
      1. These lines are converted in reverse seniority.
      2. Those holding vacation during the month cannot be converted.
      3. No more than 50% of the total published reserve lines (all types of reserve combined) remaining after voluntary conversion for each seat can be converted. 
      4. A pilot has no input whatsoever on an involuntary conversion line unless the pilot enters standing monthly secondary line preferences, which may be undated at any time (Section 25.D.2.i., November 2, 2015 CBA).

If you have any questions, please contact ALPA Contract Enforcement at

Captain Erin McCoy
LEC Chair 123

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