Council 22 Message - 3/3/17
Council 22 Message - 3/3/17


Council 22 Members,

As your incoming representatives, we would like to introduce ourselves to you.

LEC 22 Chairman and Block 2 REP, DJ Shaw has been based in several FDAs as well and in MEM and understands the complexities of our system. DJ is currently a B777 Captain and lives in the Memphis area.

LEC 22 Vice- Chairman and Block 5 REP, Brian Hoffman has been a volunteer for ALPA for many years. Brian is currently an MD-11 Captain and lives in the DFW area.

LEC 22 Secretary-Treasurer and Block 7 REP, Ian Thompson has been a P2P representative for over six years. Ian is currently an MD-11 First Officer and lives in the Memphis area.

We attended the last MEC meeting in Memphis and also attended ALPA’s leadership conference in February. There is a lot to learn, but the transition was seamless. The outgoing representatives provided outstanding information. And the leadership conference provided a wealth of information on resources available to us from ALPA National.

Rest assured, we understand our roles and we are going to represent you at all levels of ALPA. 

We pledge to provide timely information. Further, we want your feedback to help guide us. And above all, we are going to earn your trust while helping to improve our unity.

In closing, we would like to offer our support for the PATH. PATH was established to provide a source of support for pilots during difficult times and provides support to all pilots seeking physiological, psychological, or medical assistance. Pilot peers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to guide their coworkers to all available resources. All calls to PATH are completely confidential. Please understand their phone tree can take a few minutes to connect you to a Pilot Peer, but they are here to help and have the resources to get you the answers you need.

In Unity,

DJ Shaw
LEC 22 Chairman
Block 2 Rep
Brian Hoffman
LEC 22 Vice Chairman
Block 5 Rep
Ian Thompson
LEC 22 Secretary/Treasurer
Block 7 Rep
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