Positive Rate Weekly - 3/7/17
Positive Rate Weekly - 3/7/17


MEM hub turn meetings - Wednesday, march 8/Thursday march 9

MEC Chairman Captain Chuck Dyer, MEC Vice Chairman Captain John Cardaci and MEC Secretary Treasurer First Officer Rich Zins are hosting two hub turn meetings in Memphis. The first one will be on Wednesday, March 8th at 12:30 p.m. The second one will be during the night hub turn on Wednesday, March 8th/Thursday, March 9th at midnight.

If you will be in Memphis during either of these times, we encourage you to attend.

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Pilot assistance team hotline (PATH)

The Pilot Assistance Team Hotline (PATH) has been experiencing some issues with the phone system which is creating longer than usual wait times before being connected to a pilot peer. Please be patient and remain on hold until you are connected to a pilot peer. The phone system is being upgraded and we expect all of the issues to be resolved in April. If you want to to speak to someone directly, please contact PATH Coordinator First Officer Kandy Bernskoetter at or 773-405-4354.

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december retirees

The FDX MEC and R&I Committee would like to congratulate the following ALPA members who retired in December and thank them for their years of participation in the Association.

F/O Mary E. Nolan
Captain Steven D. Stires
Captain Robert B. O'Connell
Captain Robert W. Lane
Captain John S. Shackelford
F/O Timothy H. Kline
Captain Michael J. Chismark
Captain Roslyn R. Royster
Captain Michelle P. Achorn
Captain Donald N. Cullen
F/O James Edga Hunter Jr.
F/O Steven S. Smith
Captain James W. Green
Captain James K. Parker
Captain Jesse R. Maxwell
Captain Steven A. Stiles
F/O Russell S. Carnot
Captain Buddy C. Leach II
Captain A. Blake Adams
Captain Frank Groner
Captain John D. Lewis
F/O John J. Brun
Captain Knute K. Rosche
Captain Thomas H. Glesser
F/O Mark Johns
Captain Jeffrey P. Johnson
Captain Timothy P. Scott
Captain Steven J. Vreeland
Captain Debi Flynn
Captain David M. Dennis
Captain Duane A. Raebel
Captain David F. Denton
F/O Doniel C. Todd
Captain Donald L. Stemp
Captain Bret B. Hamilton
Captain Jeffrey A. Vorel
Captain Michael D. Bruno
Captain Stuart M. Davis
F/O Claude J. Martel
F/O Roderick R. Kallman
Captain Peter L. Rybacki
Captain Robert J. Borgatti
Captain Malcolm McPhee
Captain William M. Lange
Captain Aaron G. Grady
F Harrison H. Whiting
F/O Richard L. McCutcheon
Captain Daniel T. Ventre
Captain Edward P. Work
Captain Michael W. Rasher
Captain John F. Dickson
Captain Joseph M. Marshall
Captain David W. Herlong
F/O Michael D. Putnam
Captain James M. Basciani
Captain Jerome V. Scholze
Captain Robert V. Young
Captain David A. Aldrich
Captain James R. Kasbohm Jr.
Captain Todd A. Larson
F/O Robert D. Whitmire
Captain Brian K. Gottsacker
Captain Peter D. Doran
F/O Elaine M. Buchanan
Captain Sandra L. Coobac
Captain Russell B. Brown
Captain Samuel E. Dennis
Captain Eleanor J. Morgan
Captain Willis L. Rief
Captain Dorovan M. Daley
Captain James D. Deaux
Captain Steven M. Rollman
Captain Dennis M. Collins
Captain Mark R. Lindsey
Captain Frederick W. Cressman
Captain David L. Webb
Captain Charles M. Decker
Captain Thomas P. Leddy
Captain Gary B. Danielson
Captain John J. Johnson
Captain Mark A. Fox
Captain William O. Carroll
Captain Miriam B. Brane
Captain Bradley A. Smith
Captain Roy C. Bass
Captain Kevin R. Grimes
Captain Robert C. Robertson
F/O Brian D. Worth
F/O Louis R. Conover
Captain Michael P. McAleenan
Captain Dennis W. Easter
Captain Gary J. Lovan
Captain Larry L. Everett
Captain Walter C. Soplata
Captain Jack W. Ramsaur
Captain Douglas S. Kinsey
Captain Michael S. Graves
F/O William F. Slagle
Captain Richard W. Neumann Jr.
Captain Donald J. Stenger
Captain William H. Larimore
Captain Donald S. Sammons
Captain Joseph M. Collins
Captain Joseph A. Stambridge
F/O Glenn R. Gunn
Captain Edward T. Hails
Captain James D. Cantwell
F/O Michael J. Cluley
Captain Roger D. Buehler
Captain John J. Hamilton
Captain Thomas G. McCarthy
Captain Bernard C. Hart
Captain John A. Haynes
Captain Joseph Fagone
Captain Michael J. Mokry
Captain Robert D. Cameron
Captain Michael J. Harnish
Captain Michael W. Moran
Captain Janis Skilar
Captain Daniel M. Higgins
Captain David G. Bogart
Captain Milton G. Balanciere
Captain Joseph E. McCormack
Captain Charles A. Freund

Total retirements from January to December (2016) were 223, of whom, 213 were ALPA members.

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What app version do i have?

We're partnering with FedEx Flight Ops iPad Support to bring you information you can use. Please continue to read the Positive Rate for more articles similar to the one found below. We would like to thank Al Brucker for providing us with this information.

What App Version Do I Have?
Written by: David Gallagher

There appears to be some misconceptions as to how to determine the version of the apps installed on your iPad. The FDX App Catalog is not to be used for this purpose, because it only tells you what is the current version available from the Apple app store, and not what version you have installed on your device. In addition, a green installed icon only tells you that the app is installed on your device, with no reference to any version. Here is a short guide on only way to be sure what version is installed on your device.

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Retirement and benefits seminars for memphis and cologne bases

MEM Retirement Seminars:

The next available Retirement Counseling Seminars will be held on April 5th and April 19th from 1:00-4:00 p.m. CST at the FDX MEC Office, 1770 Kirby Parkway, Suite 300, Memphis, TN 38138.

The Retirement Seminar is geared towards pilots preparing for retirement providing general information on all pilots’ retirement benefits and the retirement process. While we encourage all pilots to attend the Retirement Seminar, preference will be given to pilots closer to retirement.

For pilots who are unable to attend in person, we will provide access to the seminar via teleconference. In order to streamline the seminars and to ensure the highest level of counseling, we are limiting each seminar to 28 slots. Spouses are welcome to attend. 

To register for a Retirement Counseling Seminar click here. Please be prepared to provide your ALPA member number. Since the seminars fill up quickly, you should register as soon as possible.

CGN Benefits & Retirement Seminar:

The R&I Committee will be holding a Benefits and Retirement Seminars for the CGN-based pilots on Saturday, March 11, 2017.

Location: Pullman Hotel


Saturday, March 11, 2017
Benefits Seminar – 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Retirement Seminar – 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Benefits Seminar will provide information on all FedEx and ALPA benefits available to you. The topics will include health care, life, disability, and retirement, among many others. With a focus on the benefit improvements being implemented in 2017. Since all CGN pilots will eventually be required to rotate back to the US and the domestic health plans, this will be a great opportunity to learn about what you can expect.

The Retirement Seminar is geared towards pilots preparing for retirement, providing general information on all pilots’ retirement benefits and the retirement process.

Additionally, on Sunday March 12th, Brandy Hough, Benefits Specialist, will be available for one-on-one conversations regarding Retirement, Benefits, or any issues you have encountered in the EMEA with health insurance. To register for this, click here.

To register for the Retirement Seminar or Benefits Seminar click here.

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schwab individual retirement & financial counseling sessions - MEM and ANC

Dates: Thursday, March 23rd, April 6th and April 20th

Schwab Executive Services Financial Consultants will be available on Thursday to conduct individual Retirement & Financial planning sessions with FedEx ALPA member pilots and their spouses. See the link below for available times. The sessions are free and scheduled for one hour in length. The slots fill up fast, so reserve yours now by clicking here.

Charles Schwab is ALPA’s preferred financial provider. Some of the benefits available for ALPA member pilots from Charles Schwab include complimentary financial planning, low-cost trading, educational online resources, etc. To learn more about the ALPA-Schwab relationship, please visit or contact Sylvia Arellano, the lead Executive Services Financial Consultant for FedEx ALPA pilots, directly at (720) 418-4200.

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professional pilot - terminal checklist quiz

Professional Pilot magazine has given us permission to reprint their "Terminal Checklist" section of the magazine. Please click here to view the "March 2017 Terminal Checklist."

John Cardaci
MEC Vice Chairman

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Air Facts journal

As you know, we recently received permission from Air Facts Journal to forward their online magazine to FedEx pilots. We hope you find this reading enjoyable. To view articles in Air Facts Journal, please click here.

Fly safe,

John Cardaci
MEC Vice Chairman

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PATH Hotline

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