From the Security Committee - 3/16/17
From the Security Committee - 3/16/17


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Recently, the TSA imposed changes to security policies at our ANC domicile. These changes created an adverse effect on our crews transiting that hub. The ANC pilots brought this to the attention of your MEC Officers, and we met with Flight management to discuss how these policies negatively impacted our pilots. Flight management agreed and went to work to rectify the problem.

MD-11 Fleet Captain Mike Olsen flew to ANC to seek alternative security measures that were less imposing for our crews. Mike brought his findings back to Todd Ondra, MD Aviation and Regulatory Security, and Robert Bowes, our Flight Ops Threat Awareness Coordinator. The result of the work these three men did on our behalf is contained in the FCIF below. This is a perfect example of how a cooperative relationship can work. We would like to thank the pilots who brought this to our attention and to flight management for stepping up and resolving this situation successfully.


ANC Security Requirements Update
FCIF 17-0134 (ADM/GEN)


03/15/17 2219


Robert Bowes




Tiffany O'Connor

ANC Security Requirements - Update

Beginning 0001L March 16, 2017, the Anchorage Airport Authority, TSA, and FedEx Express Security will recognize the FedEx Express crew members company vertical ID badge as an approved Anchorage ID Media badge, which will allow unescorted access to the Level 1 secure area within the FedEx Express airport facility. This new change only applies to FedEx Express crew members.

FCIF 17-0044 New Security Requirements in ANC is canceled. Jumpseating crew members, or those accessing the facility to conduct business, will no longer require a security escort while in the FedEx Express airport facility.       

Thank you for your cooperation and patience while we worked to find the best solution to resolve this issue. If you have any questions regarding this FCIF, please contact Robert Bowes, Flt Ops Threat Awareness Coordinator, at